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Our Beauty Institute is located in the very heart of Moscow and offers the full range of cosmetologic and anti-aging services highly competitive with the best European and Hollywood cliniques.

The name derives from two words: SENSE – feeling, knowledge, and VIE – life. It stands for a special life style in the harmony with yourself, your body and your world. And you feel this sense of harmony the moment the doors are opened and you get in the “SENSAVI” world.

“SENSAVI” is fitted with the newest intellectual equipment and presents the best world technologies in the field of beauty. All directions of the modern therapeutical cosmetology are presented here: esthetic medicine with the world-class Laser Center, anti-aging department with a unique method of non-surgical high frequency thermolifting, department of body shaping under the latest French developments, therapeutic phlebology, etc. Jointly with the leading American companies Solta Medical and Lumenis for the first time in the Russian market we offer a three-dimensional “3D” approach to hands anti-aging. It consists of the skin surface photo correction, laser remodeling of its texture and thermolifting. Striking as it may sound - this program helps to turn time 10 years back. Real anti-aging takes place, not only visually but also physically. There is another very important and distinguishing feature of “SENSAVI” services. All methods allow patient to go through the examination course and receive anti-aging treatment without taking a job leave and staying active in his work and life. It's very important for extremely busy modern businesswomen and businessmen. Recovery period is visually unnoticed for the public. Having visited even the most serious and important procedure in the evening, next day in the morning when you come to the office you will hear just: “You look great today...”.

Beauty Institute “SENSAVI” has medical licenses issued to LLC “Estline” No. -77-01-000237 and -77-01-003084.


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