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ABOUT / Appeal Karaseva JA
Karaseva Julia Arkadievna, head of the Beauty Institute “SENSAVI”, winner of the International Award “Profession is Life”, member of the American Academy of Anti-aging Medicine (A4M) since 2001, author of the patent on bio-reinforcement anti-aging technique.

I'm a big patriot of my country. Having seen the world and the people living in other countries, I can say, that Russia is a unique country being a home of extraordinarily interesting and beautiful people, who deserve not only premium class houses, cars, education, but also high quality service. The Russians are more demanding, more erudite and better educated. It's specifically for such people that our Beauty Institute “SENSAVI” has been founded. All the techniques we offer are intended to engage all the internal resources of the body and aim those at anti-aging. The timely start of moving in this direction will let you stay young, active, healthy and beautiful for a long time.


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