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Fraxel SR1500 is a new era in nonsurgical rejuvenation of face & body. During the fractional thermolysis procedure, an ultrafine laser ray creates an array of the invisible to the eye microscopic zones of the old skin removal. Organism immediately starts producing new collagen & elastin cells. As a result, the new skin is formed in the exposure area. Within 4 procedures, the skin is completely renovated. We apply only soft technologies for our procedures.


With age, the skin structure changes: wrinkles, pigment spots and vascularity spots appear, the skin surface is less smooth, pores are enlarged and complexion is dull. Although modern advances in plastic surgery and cosmetology allow restoring the facial contour and tightening loose skin (see Thermage), the skin surface can give out age. To prevent this problem, until quite recently, specialists applied dermabrasion, deep chemical peels, laser resurfacing. These techniques are extremely painful. They require central or deep local anesthesia, cause open wounds, require long-term rehabilitation (at least one month), remove the natural skin pattern and are often followed by side effects (development of infections, appearance of keloid scars). The desire to rejuvenate the skin was so strong that women used to go for such traumatic procedures.

Treatment with the Fraxel SR1500 laser is a safe and easily controlled procedure, which stimulates the organism to renew the faded and damaged skin. Fraxel technology does not require a recovery period; no side effects follow the procedure.

Fraxel is the most efficient and gentle technique; in the process of the procedure performance, all the internal resources of the organism are involved in the renovation of a problem area.

During the procedure, the Fraxel SP1500 system forms a laser ray of thickness of a human hair. This ray repeatedly penetrates the skin forming the so-called microthermal treatment zones (MTZ). On average, within the procedure, the ray uniformly forms approximately 2000 MTZs on an area of one square centimeter. Due to the action of Fraxel, in the formed microthermal zones, the old skin with all its defects is completely removed. The skin areas close to the MTZs stay uninjured, so within these areas the cells start synthesizing the skin components for the MTZs. Notably, the young skin devoid of defects is synthesized in this case. The minimal for the organism local damage degree allows providing high safety of the procedure and fast recovery of the injured areas. Ablative techniques (laser resurfacing) act in a similar way, however during such a procedure, a large area of epidermis is removed; Most of living cells die, so the organism needs a lot of time to restore this layer. In addition, when it comes to laser resurfacing, partial or complete removal of the protective layer of the skin, epidermis, is attended by a risk of infecting.

Fraxel SR1500 laser action area represents thousands of isolated microthermal zones surrounded by the uninjured skin. In total, about 20% of the skin is photocoagulated within the treated area; due to this, the further skin regeneration proceeds quite fast and efficiently.


  • Skin structure improvement
  • Resurfacing of cosmetic defects of the skin
  • Fraxel makes your skin healthy, young and radiant
  • Allows treating the areas of neck and decollate
  • Minimum rehabilitation period, yet maximum effect. Almost no need for recovery
  • Absolute safety for the thin and sensitive skin
  • The procedure can be carried out on the tanned or pigmented skin


  • Fading skin
  • Loose skin of the eyelids
  • Hyperpigmentation
  • Melasma
  • Posttraumatic or postsurgical cicatrices
  • Pitted acne scars
  • Stretch marks
  • Wrinkles


  • Epilepsy
  • Pregnancy
  • Inflammatory processes in the areas potential for the procedure
  • Oncological processes in the areas potential for the procedure
  • Chemical peel or corresponding procedures carried out 2 or less weeks before the procedure
  • Psoriasis
  • Atopic dermatitis recrudescence
  • The specialist must be informed about the presence of hypersensitivity to lidocaine


Before the treatment, an anesthetic ointment is applied to the skin and then removed.

After that, a fat-based ointment is applied to the skin. It allows sliding of the laser tip. Our specialist passes the laser head with a special tip over the patient’s skin, four times in one direction and then four times in a perpendicular one. At the end of the procedure, soothing cream is applied to the treated skin. Procedure duration depends on the area of the treated zones; facial treatment takes 20 to 30 minutes.

Number of procedures depends on the problems that the patient wants to resolve as well as on the skin type, patient’s subjective sensations. On average, 3 to 4 procedures are required. They are carried out at 3 to 4-week intervals. Just after the Fraxel procedure, within 2 to 3 days after the laser treatment, a slight redness or swelling can be observed. The skin is discolored to tanish, your face looks fresh and tanned. Such an effect can be observed within 7 to 10 days. If your skin peels away after the procedure, we recommend undergoing a special regimen in our Beauty Institute.


  • Skin structure rejuvenation
  • Сужение пор,
  • Pore contraction
  • Skin tightness improvement
  • Healthy complexion
  • Removal of hyperpigmentation
  • Removal of melasma
  • Resurfacing of postsurgical and posttraumatic scars, pitted acne scars
  • Almost complete resurfacing of stretch marks
  • Wrinkle resurfacing


  • It is recommended to start taking anti-herpes drugs 3 days before the procedur
  • Be sure to consult your specialist in the matter of application of other drugs


  • Avoid direct sun exposure
  • Apply sunscreens with the SPF of 30 or more within 3 months after the procedure
  • Apply a special cream prescribed by your specialist
  • Do not use scrubs within a week after the procedure
  • Keep on taking anti-herpes drug within a week after the procedure

Make-up can be put on the day after the procedure.



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