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BalbCare is very popular in Brazil, the USA, Australia and Europe; it has become popular in Russia as well now. The treatments are produced in Brazil with the use of unique high quality components. The production is strictly controlled by experts in cosmetology and dermatology. BalbCare helps to rejuvenate the skin on arms, feet and around nails. The long-term research carried out by the Balpharm laboratory (Brazil) confirms the rejuvenating effect of the treatment. BalbCare helps to make the dream about sound nails and beautiful arms come true!


  • Water active emulsion already contains moisturizing agents
  • Soak bowl disposable gloves and socks are enough
  • Skin care cream active emulsion already contains all the necessary elements
  • Peel emulsion contains the components that gently peel off dead skin
  • Cuticle remover emulsion contains the extracts that soothe the skin
  • Oil emulsion contains the ingredients that reinforce the nail plate and nourish the arm and foot skin
  • BalbCare contains the polymer that makes nail polish last longer

BalbCare Brazilian treatment for arms and feet contains active agents vitamins and minerals that perfectly moisturize and nourish the skin on arms and feet as well as help to restore the nail structure. During the procedure, cornified areas of the cuticle are gently removed, corns are softened. Active components penetrate into the deep layers of skin and form a protective layer, which retains moisture within the skin and protects the skin against negative environmental exposures. BalbCare makes the process of arm, foot and nail care simple and efficient.

BalbCare one individual vacuum package contains:
  • Pair of emulsion-containing plastic socks or gloves
  • Disposable orangewood stick for cuticles
  • Disposable nail file


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