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Shellac is a hybrid of nail polish and gel, which combines the best features of professional nail polishes with the advantages of modern modeling gels. Nail plates are reinforced, they do not split, fingers and toes look well-cared-for. This is the ideal solution for those facing such problems as long polish dry time or wear period that is too short. Shellac can be applied to ridged nails as well. The shiny color lasts 14+ days!


  • Does not affect nails, does not require no-wear periods
  • Reinforces nail plates: makes soft and thin nails thicker, makes stiff and fragile ones more flexible
  • Does not make nails heavier: covered in Shellac, nails are as light as polished ones
  • Shellac is hypoallergenic and scentless
  • 3 Free system: does not contain toluol, dibutylphtalate, formaldehyde or its resins
  • Perfect coating ability: no stains or lines on the nail plate; perfectly smooth, vivid and shiny coating
  • Color that looks perfect: no chipping, color that lasts 2+ weeks. That is why Shellac is perfect both for manicure and pedicure
  • Color stability: the modern technology preserves the color of Shellac, allows avoiding chips or fading in the sun
  • Color duration: 14+ days of durable high-performance wear
  • No need to shape the nail plate: pushing back the cuticle is enough
  • Fast application: just 30 minutes. Gel coating, which looks like polish
  • Fast and clean removal: no need to trim nails


Before the procedure, you should get manicure or pedicure. Shellac is applied like any bottle nail polish, standard application brush is used. To get the coating dry, exposure to UV light is required, so before cure, the coating can be adjusted at any moment.

  • First, antibacterial solution is applied. It cleanses the nail plate and protects it against infecting. Our specialists use a disposable nail file to shape nails in a desired way
  • Nails are degreased
  • A thin layer of base coat is applied. The procedure takes less than a minute. The coat helps to even the nail, to prepare it for the application of a color coat, to get it perfectly smooth and durable. The layer is exposed to UV light within 10 seconds for the coat to dry
  • Two layers of color coat are applied, each layer is cured under the UV light within 2 minutes
  • A thin layer of top coat is applied over the color coat and cured under the UV light within 2 minutes. This is the top coat that provides high-performance wear of gel polish
  • At the end, cuticle is treated with moisturizing oil


The procedure of Shellac removal takes 10 minutes. Shellac coat is dissipated with nail enamel remover. It falls into grains, which are easily removed with an orange stick.


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