MINX unique nail coats
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MINX Fashion on the tips of your fingers!

This is a fashion accessory for your fingers!

Minx is a patented plastic heat shrink coating, which is applied to natural, gel or acrylic nails.

Stars, designers, models, photographers and women of fashion many people enjoy Minx as Minx is gorgeous!

Highly skilled professionals use a special UV lamp to provide proper application of heat shrink coating to your nails, the procedure takes about 30 minutes after dry manicure or pedicure. And this is it! No need to spend time waiting for the nails to dry, no need to worry about smudging, no need to adjust!

Domestic duties, such as, for example, dish washing, do not affect the coating. No need to worry about your Minx-manicure or pedicure when going to sauna or hot tub spa.

Key advantages of Minx:
This is a fashionable accessory, popular all over the world;
It is completely safe. Moreover, it protects the nail plate;
No chemical agents are required for the application;
Fast application just 30 minutes;
350+ various designs;
Lasts for 2 to 3 weeks;
Accelerates self-regeneration of the nail plate.

Minx is the best solution for a party or a celebration!


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