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Christina Fitzgerald (Australia) is the world’s leading premium brand for nail care and SPA-care for hands and feet. After 30 years of constant development, the unique manicure technology has a great number of devotees, among them are Hollywood stars. Christina Fitzgerald nail polishes are always recognizable. .

The signature feature of the Christina Fitzgerald cosmetics is skin care ‘finger-tips to elbows. Only disposable nail files are used for each client. They are made of the best Japanese abrasive substance, yet they are very soft and good at removing the corny skin. In most cases, no water is used for manicure, but at clients request, cuticle trimming can be carried out. Our specialists follow all the safety and hygienic requirements – tools are sterilized in a special sterilizer, each disposable envelope is opened in the clients presence.


Christina Fitzgeralds welcoming violet and grapefruit scented aroma spray creates the atmosphere of relaxation and comfort before the beginning of the manicure procedure. With gentle motions, our specialists apply water-free lotion to clean and soften the skin. After that, the active cream and a serum corresponding to your skin type are rubbed into the cleansed skin. Gentle massage is carried out. At the end of the procedure, our specialists apply a special mask that stimulates the collagen synthesis, makes the skin soft and firm.
Dry, keratinized skin around the nail plate is treated with a special pumice stone, the nail plate and skin are polished with apricot kernel containing peel gel, cuticle is softened and nourished with a complex of the vegetable oil and the active cream. Final step nails are given mirror polish with special files. After that our clients choose the nail polish color.

"Nails as accessory" is the option of selecting the color that matches any dress, whether it is everyday or evening. Color perfection the unique polish color palette, voluptuous, sophisticated and mysterious, creative yet classical has won recognition around the world and has become the real color revolution. Polished with Christina Fitzgerald polishes, your nails always look perfect. In addition to the nail color, each polish bottle also contains the unique solution that reinforces nails. Each step of applying nail polish, from the nail preparation to the application of nail polish fixer, is accompanied with the special procedures for the nail plate treatment.

Another Christina Fitzgeralds feature: painting middle finger and ring finger of your right hand two different colors. They say, these are the two fingers that can bring success in business and love luck. That is why painting your nails this way helps bring luck.


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