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Christina Fitzgerald (Australia) is premium cosmetics for manicure and pedicure. Only best components are used in production. All the complexes are developed by the brand founder, Christina Fitzgerald, who created and who, for more than 30 years now, has been modifying her technology. The brand has gained in popularity worldwide and is now popular both with women and with men. Since recently, pedicure is on the list of mens favorite procedures.

The unique feature of pedicure is leg care feet to knees. Foot file has a disposable work surface which is changed after each procedure. Different abrasive surface can be chosen for each treated area (soles, toes, balls of feet), which allows removing perfectly the dead skin. In accordance with your desire, our specialists can carry out either classic pedicure or not edging one. We are committed to the clients safety, so we use only sterilized tools, each disposable envelope is opened in the clients presence before the beginning of the procedure.

The pedicure procedure begins with the pleasant Christina Fitzgeralds welcoming perfumed spray dispersion and foot washing with satin bath gel. That helps you relax and dip into the atmosphere of well-being. The gel contains fruit extracts that nourish and moisturize the foot skin. Pedicure-care takes off the effects of weariness and gives the sensation of lightness to your legs.
First, nonabrasive scrub that cleanses delicately the skin and lotion that soothes it are applied to the area from toes to knees. Next step is hygienic treatment of calloused areas of the skin with a special foot pumice and foot skin resurfacing with a special foot file with a disposable abrasive. At the end of the procedure, our specialists apply active cream providing the complete foot skin care; oils in its composition also provide healing effect for microfissures. Serum application rejuvenates and tightens the skin, makes it matte and vibrant. After that, nail plate and the skin around it are filed. Cooling vegetable lotion is applied to the area below knees, it refreshes the skin. The lotion is good for veins, provides drainage effect, removes extra moisture, gives you the sensation of new legs, so you are ready to fly. Nutritive cream applied with massage movements provides the perfect foot care. At the end, nails are given mirror file and our clients choose a polish to be applied.


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