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Gehwol solutions (Germany) are applied worldwide for more than 140 years. Experience and innovations found application in a wide range of products and components that allow producing numerous foot-care treatments. The solutions contain natural animal- and vegetable-based components. They are applied both for professional pedicure and for homecare.

Medical pedicure not only makes the legs look good and rejuvenates the skin, but also helps treat leg disorders. The unique features of the procedure are its painlessness and safety. Pedicure treats the foot surface protecting it against fungal infections.


Before the pedicure procedure, sole is treated with cleansing disinfecting agents. To soften the rough skin, softener is applied. After that, all the areas of the rough skin are delicately treated with a special device with the use of special various diameter tips removing calloused skin. After the treatment, skin type-specific cream is applied, the skin is given a delicate massage. The agents used for pedicure not only provide cosmetic skin care, but also treat a number of medical disorders such as hyperhidrosis, foot fissures, ‘heavy legs’, provide perfect deodorizing effect, prevent feet from infections. The procedure is gentle, provides perfect results. The foot skin is smooth and silky, nails are perfectly shaped. And you feel good about your legs again!

For everyday foot homecare, we also recommend applying Gehwol homecare solutions. They allow prolonging the effect of professional pedicure and will provide gentle care for your foot skin until the next pedicure procedure.


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