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Catherine (Germany) are professional nail care cosmetics. All the solutions are produced in Germany. Components for nail modeling and reinforcement are absolutely safe, hypoallergenic, acid-free and scentless. Out of all the popular nail gel brands, Catherine’s nail extensions are the most lasting and elastic.

All the Catherines gel systems are developed to keep the nails protected. They are flexible and harmless yet they are very durable. This is achieved due to the special complexes applied for the gel production.

Due to the high quality of the extension material, after application, gel does not peel off.

Brilliant gloss-gel keeps nails bright for a long time without changing the color of a nail plate.

Nails covered with gel look quite natural; no one will guess they are extended. They are very thin and sound.

Gel nail reinforcement is a solution to a number of problems:
  • brittle and fragile nails
  • nail plate thinning

Well-groomed, beautiful nails is an essential component of every womans appearance. Unfortunately, not every woman has sound nails. Gel extensions can help improve them, nails will look perfect! Color palette and a wide range of available designs will make all your nail design dreams come true!


First, nail plates are treated with degreasing and disinfecting agent. Nail cuticle is pushed back to the base of the nail. After that, our specialists use a disposable nail file to shape the nail and to make the nail surface even. Nails are treated with degreasing agent again, after that acid-free prime coat is applied. After the application of the first layer of gel, nails are dried under the UV light. The second layer of gel is applied, it is advisable to seal the nail margins to prevent nail peeling. After the applications, nails are exposed to the UV light again. Depending on the desired nail thickness, the third layer of gel can be applied. Last step is the application of gloss-gel, its cure under the UV light, the removal of the sticky layer with the degreasing agent and the application of the soothing oil to the cuticles. Nail plates covered with gel are protected against mechanical damage, they are very solid yet flexible.


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