3D Mesothreads


3D mesothreads face lift is a revolution in the face lift and face reinforcement techniques, which brings distinctiveness and regularity of features back to the face.

We use high-technology mesothreads of different kinds with the thinnest needles that leave no marks and that are absolutely compatible with the skin. Our positive 15 years' experience in the use of biothreads provides magnificent aesthetic results after application of mesothreads. Up to date, there exist various types of mesothreads that have their own specifications and are designed for different areas of application.

Linear mesothreads are ultrathin threads applied for the prevention of the skin aging and age-related changes correction. Linear mesothreads can be used to resurface small lines, to tighten and reinforce tissues, which will keep the skin young in the future.

Spiral mesothreads are used for the tissue ptosis and sagging prophylaxis and treatment. They can also be used for the correction of the mild or middle degree of facial asymmetry (age-related dulling of the face contour). Major effects of the spiral mesothreads application: tissue vector displacement (formation of the desired face shape), dimensional face modeling, lost volume regeneration (resurfacing of folds and pinches).

Mesothreads with bidirectional insections

Lift Double Lift mesothreads give strong support to the sagging parts of the mid and lower face. This type of threads is primarily used for tissue fixation. Lift Double Lift mesothreads can also be applied for both prophylaxis and correction of deformational changes of the face contour. Due to insections, the firm fixation of threads inside the tissue is obtained, as well as a more solid and flexible framework is provided. Owing to this, the effect of the procedure lasts much longer.


• Minimally invasive procedure that does not require time expenditure
Only local anesthesia is required for pain attenuation
Just after the procedure patients can immediately return to normal life
Immediate effect (in 3 to 4 days after the procedure)


Gravitational ptosis in the area of chin and lower face
Vertical and horizontal forehead rhytids
Sagging outer edge of eyebrow
Lacrimonasal fold
Nasolabial furrows
Skin folds on chin, neck, decollate
Tissue ptosis on buttocks, abdomen, back surface of shoulders and inner surface of thighs


Acute infectious diseases (ARVI and others)
Skin disorder in the area potential for the application of mesothreads
Oncological diseases
Systemic or mental diseases
Tumors, skin liability to formation of keloid cicatrices


Before the procedure of threadlifting, our specialist collects detailed information about the health of the patient, as well as about their skin type and undertaken procedures. The specialist also questions the patient about the expected results and then chooses suitable needles. Varying diameter and length of mesothreads allow applying them to different areas of face and body. Possibility of application of a few mesothreads at different layers of dermis in one area allows improving considerably the lift effect and forming a dimensional 3D-framework. The procedure is undertaken outpatiently and takes 40 to 60 minutes. Before the procedure the skin is to be cleaned; make-up removal with the use of cosmetic units as well as antiseptic solution treatment are carried out. By the patient’s request, the application anesthesia (EMLA cream) is applied. Mesothreads are set in under the skin by a special technique with the use of a flexible needle, which is atraumatic for the skin. Due to the flexibility of the needle, the specialist can carry out the complete 3D modeling at different layers. The administration system consists of a guide needle and a thread fixed to it. After insertion into the tissue, the thread is easily separated from its guide needle, staying inside the tissue.

The lifting effect is achieved not due to the insertion of mesothreads but due to the response reaction of the organism as any foreign body is surrounded by a capsule of collagen fibers. These fibers form a natural framework for soft facial tissues. Thereafter, this framework protects the skin against ptosis (facial muscle laxity), prevents wrinkle formation and extension. In such a way, inserted mesothreads make immediate supportive and lifting impact on the skin, while further presence of mesothreads inside the tissue stimulates skin natural revitalization. Within 6 to 9 months after insertion mesothreads completely dissolve. Rejuvenation effect is seen just after the procedure and increases in course of time, staying visible within 18 to 24 months.


Facial contour improvement: forehead, cheeks, lower face and chin lift
Wrinkle resurfacing in glabellar area, reduction of lines, crows feet, nasolabial furrow, marionette folds
Body skin reinforcement (shoulders, abdomen, inner surface of thighs)


Limit facial mobility and gesture
Avoid sauna, bath house, solarium within 2 weeks
Avoid facial massage within 2 weeks


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