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1. Technology description
2. Advantages
3. Indications
4. Contraindications
5. Procedure description
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Scarlet-S Fractional Bipolar RF board is designed to improve your skin and to provide voluminous skin lift due to thoroughly controlled exposure to bipolar RF-energy at a depth of 0.5 to 3.5 mm. This system surpasses other bipolar RF-lift systems in safety and efficiency, which is proven by numerous clinical tests.

We are glad to offer you the brand new Scarlet-S model with Microneedle Electrodes System, which combines high efficiency and unique delicacy. The list of indications to the procedure is quite wide.

Scarlet-S is three times more powerful and dynamic and, thus, more efficient than the similar systems of previous generations, which allows reducing considerably the duration of the procedure and obtaining a more pronounced rejuvenation effect.

For this procedure, we use handpieces with superfine gold-plated microneedles (gold enhances RF penetration) – microneedle electrodes (microneedle technology) which deliver RF-energy exactly to the targeted skin layer and, due to acupuncture principle of function, additionally stimulate the regenerative potential of tissues.

The effect is of fractional character: due to the treatment, microscopic columns form within the tissues with rejuvenation processes starting around them. This provides synthesis of growth promoting substances (dermal substance, vascular endothelium substance etc.), tightening of stretched connective tissue fibers (instant lift effect), synthesis of new collagen and elastin, formation of new connective-tissue matrix (skin rejuvenation at a cellular level; prolonged lift effect).

As a rule, several treatment sessions are required to achieve the maximum effect. The required number of sessions is determined by our specialists depending on the type of the problem, its pronouncement and on the desired result.


* Perfect rejuvenation effect despite the minimal invasiveness of the procedure
* Optimal temperature of RF emission, which does not affect tissue physiology. Rejuvenation at maximally safe RF capacities combined with the high level of efficiency of the procedure
* Ultrafine adjustment of the system it is possible to choose the optimum mode of rejuvenation therapy for every client
* Direct delivery of thermal energy to the deep layers of derma, stimulation of synthesis of collagen and elastin within all the skin layers
* It is possible to carry out delicate fractional resurfacing of skin surface and 3D tissue remodeling (lift) just in 1 treatment
* Complete facial rejuvenation including eyelids, infra-orbital area and tip of nose
* High-tech RF board (developed and produced in US Silicon Valley) allows reducing procedure duration (rejuvenation procedure for face can take as little as 7 minutes!) and guarantees high level of exposure control (among other issues eliminating the possibility of burns)
* No withdrawal effect. The final result is sustainable and premised on real rejuvenation processes, which the procedure triggers. Approximately 2 years after the treatment, when you feel it is time to repeat the Scarlet skin lift procedure, your skin will be in the same state it was when you came for your first procedure
* No rehabilitation period
* Technological features of the system eliminate the risk of medical error


* Thin skin with ageing signs. Treatment with Scarlet system increases skin thickness by up to 0.4 mm!
* Wrinkles and skin folds in face and neck, signs of photoaging of tissues
* Signs of skin laxity in face and body, regression of skin tone, signs of gravitational ptosis
* Stretch marks. Due to controlled mechanical damaging of a stretch mark, an enhanced regenerating reaction is triggered in this area: microcirculation is improved, synthesis of new collagen and elastin is reinforced. Stretch mark is substituted with the normal tissue
* Skin micro relief defects (irregular complexion, enlarged pores, pitted acne scars)
* Increased skin oiliness, hyperseborrhea: RF energy suppresses excessive secretory capacity of oil glands
* Hair density reduction. At minimum capacity, the system stimulates regeneration processes in the scalp area, improves blood circulation and tissue trophism, reactivates dormant hair follicles
* Hyperhidrosis. Due to high-capacity treatment of the areas suffering from excessive sweating, Scarlet deactivates oil glands


* Pregnancy and breast feeding
* Oncological diseases
* Usage of artificial cardiac pacemaker, defibrillator or other technical implants
* Severely impaired endocrine gland function (diabetes mellitus)
* Weeping dermatitis, psoriasis, acute herpes and some other skin conditions
* Blood-clotting disorder; intake of blood-thinning medications (it is necessary to suspend intake at least 10 days before the procedure)


The procedure is carried out with the usage of application anesthesia (special cream is preliminarily applied to the skin) or without it. Due to its delicacy, treatment is well tolerated by most patients without anesthesia: patients do not feel any considerable discomfort; moreover, some clients experience pleasant sensation during the treatment session.

Before the procedure, makeup removal is carried out (in case facial rejuvenation is planned), tissues are treated with antiseptic agents. For the treatment, our specialists use individual applicators (new applicator for every client!).

Despite the usage of microneedles for the delivery of RF energy to the required depth of tissues, the procedure is absolutely bloodless due to coagulation system functioning within all the length of the needle. Skin reddening is the only visible effect during the procedure.

Just after the procedure, negligible skin swelling can be observed. It goes away 2 hours (maximum 2 days) after the procedure.

Skin lift effect can be seen right after the treatment session. Later on, as synthesis of collagen and elastin starts, lift effect gets even more pronounced.


At what age should I undergo the Scarlet Fractional lift treatment for the first time?
First of all, it is important to notice that most indications to this procedure do not depend on age. Even at the age of 18 our clients can get rid of local hyperhidrosis, pitted acne scars, stretch marks or stimulate hair growth due to the Scarlet system therapy.

If we talk about rejuvenation, the key reason for undergoing the treatment is not age but particular indications. If you started noticing first signs of age-related changes (reduced skin tone, enlarged pores etc.), than Scarlet is the technology capable of improving significantly the way you look and helping you look 5 to 10 years younger. As most rejuvenation technologies, this system can provide the most significant results when used to eliminate mild or medium signs of ageing. But even if you are 50 and more and even when age-related changes are pronounced, you can count on positive rejuvenation effect of this procedure.

What are other procedures that Scarlet can be combined with to enhance rejuvenation effect and to preserve it for as long as possible?
This might be any procedure stimulating skin regeneration. One of the most efficient combinations is RF lift with Scarlet + platelet-rich auto plasma application. Right after the exposure of skin to RF energy, skin susceptibility to cosmetological treatment increases considerably: the needles of Scarlet system shape microchannels within fibers that help cosmeceutical treatment agents easily reach the dermal layer of skin. That is why just after the procedure, we apply to the patients skin (like a face pack) their own platelet-rich blood plasma.

Is it possible to get rid of a double chin with Scarlet system?
One of the options of this RF system is modeling of the clear line of lower face and its V-shaping, which is characteristic of young face. Consequently, due to this technology you can count on elimination of a double chin. It is important to mention that a lot depends on your individual features, such as skin elasticity or presence of fat depots. To achieve best results, a complex of procedures may be necessary: first, Zeltiq cryolipolysis with a small Cool Mini handle this treatment will help you get rid of excessive fat depots in the submental area; second, RF lift with Scarlet system to improve tissue tension and provide skin lift; and, finally, injection reinforcement of lower face with Cellular Matrix to achieve biological skin rejuvenation and to preserve lift effect.


* Resurfacing of wrinkles, reduction of depth of folds
* Improvement of elastance of skin, skin tightness
* Improvement of skin microtexture: pores contraction, resurfacing of pitted acne scars, color leveling
* Modeling of clear facial contours
* Rejuvenation of hand skin
* Body lift body skin lifting & tightening
* Resurfacing of stretch marks
* Improvement of hair growth (treatment of hairy part of the head)
* Treatment of hyperhidrosis


We recommend undergoing the procedure of skin saturation with non-reticulated hyaluronic acid (bio revitalization) approximately 30 days before the procedure of fractional RF thermolift with Scarlet. Well-humidified tissues better react on treatment with RF systems and, generally, have higher reparative potential.

2 weeks before the RF lift session you should stop the intake of blood thinners and nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs

We advise undergoing the procedure of autologous cellular rejuvenation (injections of your own plasma enriched with platelets) 5 to 7 days after the treatment with Scarlet system this will reinforce regeneration processes within tissues and will make anti-age effect more pronounced. Mesotherapy with peptide agents also leads to deep skin rejuvenation, so we recommend it as well.


1. No tissue tension loss skin is tight and lifted
2. No enlarged pores skin is perfectly smooth
3. No pitted acne scars it looks like you have never suffered from acne
4. No wrinkles smooth skin
5. No stretch marks your body is perfect
6. No hair loss healthy and thick hair
7. No embarrassing situations the problem of hyperhidrosis is solved



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