RegenLab Swiss plasma facelift is the first technique for the cellular rejuvenation to be officially registered all over the world, including Russia. It consists in the injection of a specimen, which is made right before your eyes of your own specially prepared blood plasma, into your skin.

The procedure is quite popular and has a wide range of application. Purified and growth factor-rich plasma allows achieving the long-lasting lifting and rejuvenating effect, reduces wrinkles, restores hair. Swiss plasma facelift helps you to rejuvenate, tighten and smoothen the skin not only of your face and neck, but also of your body, arms and décolleté area.


Cellular engineering technologies have become an inevitable part of our everyday life - it is hardly possible to imagine neither our present nor future without them. RegenLab plasmatic autorejuvenation is the best proof to this. PRP technology is based on the unique capability of restoring the number of juvenile skin cells by means of a wide range of active materials released by your own blood plasma. Plasma (liquid component of blood) is indeed a storehouse of vital elements – vitamins, minerals, hormones and ferments. During the preparation of an injection, plasma is additionally enriched with your own platelets. These blood cells not only increase the blood clotting, but also contain special elements, so-called growth factors; it is due to them that the technology is cellular. Growth factors have the unique capability of increasing the amount of juvenile cells within the skin, of stimulating its regeneration; have impact on almost all the rejuvenation mechanisms. In particular, this can be seen through their capability of activating the functions of fibroblasts, connective tissue cells that produce collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid. Collagen and elastin fibers are the main structure elements of the connective tissue, they provide the skin firmness and elasticity. Hyaluronic acid retains water within intercellular space, providing the necessary level of the skin humidity and proper cellular regeneration. With age, hyaluronic acid and collagen synthesis slows down, their content within the skin is reduced, which accelerates the ageing process. The injection of platelet-rich plasma into the skin reaccelerates the production of active materials by fibroblasts. As a result, the skin is firm and smooth again, wrinkles are reduced, skin immunity is normalized, oil glands function is restored. Due to the platelet-rich plasma capability of activating the skin regeneration processes at the cellular level, autorejuvenation is a unique rejuvenation technique. Nowadays, there is no alternative to this technology. PRP therapy is frequently applied for trichology as this is an efficient treatment for hair loss and alopecia. After just a few procedures, hair loss stops, hair structure is restored, oil gland function is normalized, the growth of healthy hair is stimulated.



  • These are patient’s own blood cells platelets preserved in autoplasma that serve as the main source of rejuvenation
  • The treatment is absolutely safe for the patients health, no risk of hypersensitivity, complete biological compatibility of the injection with the patients organism (no risk of individual rejection reactions)
  • The injection is a hypoallergenic, safe and very efficient treatment for the skin change correction, which can be applied to the skin of any type

In addition, we prepare our patients for the procedure: always carry out a blood test, prescribe a special diet, which also has positive impact on the effect. Blood testing is carried out by an advanced practice nurse, so it is absolutely painless.


  • Age-related skin changes wrinkles, tone loss, lack of elasticity
  • Signs of photodamage
  • Dry skin
  • Small wrinkles
  • Couperosis
  • Acne
  • Cicatrices and stretch marks
  • Hair loss, hair structure change
  • Need for rehabilitation after operations, skin injuries, aggressive laser and chemical actions


  • Acute infectious diseases


The plasmotherapy course is preceded by a close consultation with the specialist and by a number of laboratory tests such as full blood count, biochemical blood test, infectious disease blood test.

Before the procedure, the sampling of 20-40 ml of venous blood is carried out by means of special vacuum test tubes containing coagulant. Test tubes are placed into a special centrifuge, where the blood is treated within 5 minutes. The resulting specimen, which is blood plasma enriched with platelets at a concentration of 1-1.2 mln cells per ml of plasma, is injected into the skin by means of various techniques mesotherapy or bioreinforcement at different skin layers. The plasma preparation can also be applied to a wound surface just after the skin exposure to the fractional laser or other traumatizing techniques. To prevent further age-related changes, we recommend undergo the procedure every 3-4 months depending on the injection technique and indications.


  • Age-related skin changes are less visible
  • Wrinkles are reduced
  • Tissue tone and tension are restored
  • Skin immunity is stimulated
  • Hair and scalp health is improved
  • Hyperpigmentation focuses are resurfaced
  • Cicatrical skin changes are less visible
  • Acne signs disappear


AB 2 months later (skin biopsy, hematoxilin and eosine)
CD 2 months later (skin biopsy, masson trichrome)


For the correction of age-related changes, 3-4 treatment courses per year are recommended. In each particular case the treatment program is composed on an individual basis. We recommend combining the procedure with other technologies requiring the stimulation of new cell generation: Ulthera ultrasonic SMAS lift, Thermage radio-frequency treatment, ReAction, Aluma, Fraxel fractional photothermolysis. We also recommend an intensive PRP therapy course for the treatment of mechanical and chemical skin injuries.


  • We recommend carrying out the procedure in the morning ours, on empty stomach. Before the procedure, be sure to inform the specialist about taking any medications.


  • Avoid going to bath house, sauna or solarium 3 days after the procedure



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