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1. What is physiological age
2. What are telomeres
3. Telomerase and its role in youthfulness and health preservation
4. Lifestyle as a mean of telomere lengthening
5. Monitor your anti-aging results

What is physiological age?

Pronouncement and permanence of rejuvenating effect of cosmetological procedures depends on numerous factors. One of them is physiological age, which, as a rule, is inconsistent with chronologic age (age based on birthdate). Some people’s physiological age is higher than their chronologic one and vice versa. The worse the state of cells – ‘bricks that our organism is built of is, the higher is the physiological age.

Modern medical science possesses diagnostic tools that can measure the physiological age. For example, it is possible to determine it by means of analyzing hormonal indicators. At the present time, it is clear to specialists that there exists the direct connection between decrease in level of sex hormones (both in men and women) and development of age-related diseases. However, the most precise way of determining the physiological age is measuring the length of leukocyte telomeres.

In order to learn your telomere length, you should take a venous blood test in the fasted state.

What are telomeres and what does their shortening mean?

Telomeres are terminal sections of chromosomes protecting DNA in the process of replication cycle. Each fission of cells makes telomeres shorter until the moment when it is no longer possible for a cell to fission. With age, telomeres get shorter! Cells with critically short telomeres cannot function properly and restore lesions; they start poisoning the organism with waste products or can even attack healthy and young cells trying to substitute them. People with such cells run the increased risk of genetic mutations and oncological diseases.

Everyone who dreams of looking beautiful and young for as long as possible should know that cells with critically short telomeres release the substances breaking structure proteins including proteins responsible for the juvenility of skin collagen and elastin.

There is a common misconception that telomeres only shorten at a mature age. People start actively ageing at the age of 40-45, that is, when they still feel young. First considerable negative shifts in cardiovascular and endocrine systems and gastro-intestinal tract are characteristic of this age period.

Telomerase and its role in youthfulness and health preservation

In the early seventies, scientists first came up with a hypothesis that in the human organism there is a ferment that can lengthen critically short telomeres. Afterwards, this hypothesis was confirmed. Nowadays, scientists have thoroughly examined such ferment as telomerase, which extends short telomeres, literally setting back our physiological clocks.

Thus, telomerase allows making cells younger and physiological age lower.

It was also found out that in most cells within the organism, telomerase is in its dormant state and, consequently, it does not fulfil its functions.

In order to change this, scientists developed special pharmacological products telomerase activators. However, medical experts also know that it is possible to activate telomerase and, thus to lengthen telomeres, without usage of these products.

Lifestyle as a mean of telomere lengthening

This is the healthy lifestyle that allows lengthening telomeres and, thus pulling down ones physiological age, preserving youth and active longevity. Its main components are:

* Balanced diet
* Drinking enough clean water
* Keeping your weight under control. One of the key markers of youth is waist circumference. It is supposed to be inferior to 80 cm in women and to 94 cm in men
* Sufficient physical activity (provides relatively high level of metabolic processes)
* Good quality and duration of sleep
* Intake of Vitamin D, antioxidants, Omega-3 polyunsaturated fatty acids; hormone replacement therapy
* Positive psychoemotional environment, lack of stress
* Regular sexual activity

Pulling down your physiological age, you improve your skin cells and their reaction to stimulating cosmetological procedures, which means that the results of treatment via rejuvenation systems or injections are more prominent and long-lasting.

Although the above-mentioned recommendations are scientifically proven, it is necessary to take into consideration that they are of a general nature. Every person is unique, that is why the approach to youth preservation should not be confined to the complex of useful yet general recommendations.

This is genetic testing that allows revealing numerous individual risks and trends, including disposition to premature ageing. Genetic testing result report also includes a broad list of recommendations on lifestyle (nutrition, physical activity, vitamin intake etc.), which are based on interpretation of your unique genetic data.

Within the concept of personalized anti-age medicine, Sensavi Beauty Institute also recommends combining telomere blood test with genetic testing. Comprehensive information will help our specialists develop a precise and efficient rejuvenation program that is tailored specially for you.

Nowadays there exists the splendid and real opportunity for you to preserve youth by pulling down, in the truest sense of the word, your physiological age. Our efficient cosmetological procedures will help you achieve the best results.


In order to monitor your telomere length and control the change of your physiological age, we recommend repeating telomere blood test 6-12 months after the beginning of your anti-age program.



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