Thermage has made a great change in our perception of modern skin rejuvenation methods. A lot of our patients desired to tighten their skin without a surgical face lift and now we can offer them such an opportunity. Just in 30 minutes we get the result that used to require many hours of plastic surgery and then months of recovery. Feedback from patients is huge: everyone who heard about this procedure want to try it immediately and those who have experienced its impact are delighted with the result.

In our Beauty Institute you can undergo a treatment procedure with the new Thermage CPT machine that distributes heat more evenly and uses advanced energy allowing our patients to achieve faster and more visible results and making the procedure more comfortable. According to the latest official statistics of the U.S. company Solta Medical, the proportion of patients who experienced an immediate effect has increased from 26% to 87%, indicators of the skin lifting result 6 months after treatment have improved from 54% to 92%, the total number of patients satisfied with the result has increased from 68% to 94%.

New Thermage features the Comfort Pulse Technology: a Thermage pulse is divided into 5 impulses, each of which is followed by surface cooling streams. In addition, the special vibrating hand-piece is applied. In general, the procedure has become twice as comfortable.


Thermage is a patented technology that is applied exclusively on the ThermaCool machine, the only deep skin lifting system to receive FDA (the U.S. Food & Drug Administration) clearance. Its effectiveness is proved by histological and some other techniques for the objective assessment.

With age the collagen fibers begin to stretch and sag that leads to the elasticity reduction and the sagging of the skin. Thermage conduces to the tightening of the collagen fibers to a normal state. The special tip creates a uniform electric field in the treated tissues. The charged particles within the electric field change their direction 6 million times a second. The natural tissue resistance and the movement of the energy currents cause an increase in temperature of the deep layers of skin. At the same time the tip provides contact cooling of the epidermis by interspersing cryogen bursts onto the working surface of the tip before, during and after the delivery of the RF pulses into the skin. Increase in temperature of the deep layers of skin leads to compaction of the collagen fibers, which strengthens the tissue and provides skin lifting from the inside. Within 6 months after the Thermage procedure comes the increased formation of the new collagen that leads to long-term aesthetic results comparable to plastic surgery.


Nowadays, only Thermage can penetrate to the required depth to affect the deeper layers of dermis and subcutaneous fat, which are the basis for the framework of skin. The influence of the high-frequency energy leads to the tightening of the collagen fibers and the formation of the new collagen in the deeper layers of skin.

Thermage is the ideal solution for the patients who desire to tighten their skin but are not ready for plastic surgery, as well as for those who already undertook a face lift a while ago and now need to consolidate the result to prevent further surgery. According to statistics, only 5% of women easily go for plastic surgery. For the others the question of surgical face lift for skin rejuvenation is far from obvious. Most people are scared of a long and painful recovery, possible changes in appearance as well as the risks and contraindications associated with general anesthesia. Conservative methods of rejuvenation with the obvious and long-lasting results are indicated to such people. For women aged 35 to 45 who have not yet faced pronounced age-related changes Thermage is very likely to become a procedure leading to a good long-lasting effect competing with surgical face lifting.


Face by Thermage

  • Fading skin
  • Gravitational ptosis of skin tissues
  • Changing facial contours
  • The procedure can be recommended for the patients not ready for plastic surgery

Eyes by Thermage

  • Wrinkle correction at the lateral angle of the eye (‘crow’s feet’)
  • Lifting of the upper and lower eyelids (including eye-sacks)

Body by Thermage

  • Poor condition of the body skin
  • Stretched skin of the abdomen after pregnancy
  • Skin overhang in the umbilical region
  • Sagging skin after drastic weight loss
  • Cellulite
  • Age-related skin sagging on the inner surface of the shoulders, thighs and buttocks, in the area above the knees.


  • Absolute contraindication to the procedure is having an implanted pacemaker
  • Diabetes mellitus
  • System diseases of the connective tissues (scleroderma, systemic lupus erythematosus etc.)
  • Common infectious diseases, skin diseases and lesions in the area potential for the procedure
  • Pregnancy


Before the procedure, our dermatologist collects detailed information about the health of the patient, as well as about their skin type. The next stage is the procedure itself. The patient lies on a comfortable chair. The doctor then treats the operative field with 70% alcohol solution and after that, the special skin marking paper is used to apply square contours on the face. This application can be removed as easily as make-up. Such a markup delivers geometric precision during the procedure. After that, feedback is set. The treatment begins with two rejuvenating passes over the face and continues with dressing of the main problem areas. Then comes the most important step – 3D modeling based on skin tension vectors, which are determined individually for each patient and form the final lifting effect. The procedure is easy to endure and feels like a sequence of brief cold and moderately hot touches. The warming sensation deep in the tissues accompanies the RF pulse and means that the collagen fibers have reached the temperature necessary for their compaction.

For the eye zone there are two special Thermage tips: one for the superior eyelid and one for the inferior eyelid and the periorbital area. Both have their specific features therefore it is nearly no use trying to save money by using standard tips.

Before the procedure the doctor instills the special anesthetic eye drops, then slids in under the superior eyelid the thick black lenses introduced by the Thermage company that serve as protective screens. They protect the eyeball against the RF exposure. After that, the procedure is performed on the problem area as previously mentioned.

The procedure lasts from 20 minutes to 2 hours depending on the area to be treated.


  • Visible skin lifting effect after just one procedure
  • Three-dimensional lifting: smooth skin surface and tighter fit of the skin to the muscles
  • Stimulation of the active collagen production in the dermis and connective tissue fibers of the hypodermis
  • Progressive lifting effect within 6 months after the procedure
  • Long-lasting result visible for up to 5 years


  • Lifting of the cheekbones and cheeks (Non-surgical face lift)
  • Reduction of nasolabial folds and wrinkles around the mouth
  • Lifting and strengthening of the contours of the lower face and neck
  • Significant jowling reduction

The procedure allows for the rejuvenation of the entire face and neck, improves the skin texture, tightens pores


  • Wrinkle correction at the lateral angle of the eye (‘crow’s feet’)
  • Lifting of the upper and lower eyelids (including eye-sacks)
  • Skin strengthening

The results of the upper and lower eyelids lifting are comparable to the results of the endoscopic brow lift and the blepharoplasty of the upper eyelids.


The new Thermage CPT system has not only lifting but also anti-cellulite effect. Radio frequency energy splits the fatty capsules making the skin smooth and firm and stimulates the new collagen production, while old collagen fibers are tightened and twisted that also provides the rejuvenation effect. The new CPT tip for the body is 4 times larger than the old one, which allows faster performance of the procedure.

  • Reduction of the excess skin after just one procedure
  • Skin lifting and strengthening
  • Body volume reduction: potential reduction: hip – up to 3.5 cm, waist – up to 7.5 cm, other areas – up to 3 cm
  • Improvement of body contours
  • Cellulite reduction
  • Skin texture and quality improvement (more compact skin, smoothed stretch marks and wrinkles)

Thermage affects the deeper layers of skin, so immediately after the treatment the skin literally fits tighter to the muscles and tightens the subjacent tissues (‘corset effect’). The procedure does not require a recovery period and the patients can immediately return to normal life.


‘For the first time in a long period I was able to wear a sleeveless dress…’
‘Immediately after the procedure my waist has decreased by 3 centimeters, and I was able to wear the jeans that I used to wear before pregnancy…’
‘My waist has decreased by 5 centimeters and my abdomen has got flatter…’
‘After the procedure my abdomen has begun to look as flat as before pregnancy…’
‘I go in for sports and my press is quite strong but I was not satisfied with the condition of my abdomen skin. After the procedure the skin has tightened, the muscles got visible…’
‘I didn’t really believe Thermage would reduce my buttocks but underwent the procedure. Immediately after the session I had a feeling as if I was wearing control tights: my hips have decreased by 2 cm…’
‘It’s been 6 months and I am very pleased with the result: the buttocks have tightened and got firmer…’



Recommendations after the procedure




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