The unique 3D-rejuvenation program of the Sensavi Beauty Institute affects the skin of various stages of ageing, providing unprecedented rejuvenating effect. Patients under 60 get the result more visible than they do after surgery. Moreover, the program is devoid of all the negative consequences of the operative treatment, including emotional stress. Besides, 3D-rejuvenation technology allows to reconstruct any skin area of the face or body without pain, cicatrices and long period of recovery. Not a single plastic operation can change the skin structure, improve the skin tone and resurface cosmetic defects. This is the result of the collaboration of the Sensavi Beauty Institute and Western companies Thermage & Lumenis. The program uses the best transatlantic devices that trigger in the skin tissues the process of rejuvenation, and make the natural material – fibroplast (skin cells) – work as part of the system of natural rejuvenation.

The Thermage procedure performed on the ThermaCool NXT device provides vertical lift in three dimensions. Unipolar radio wave affects deeply the tissues and produces a double effect: gives immediate lift owing to collagen fibers twisting, and within 6 months improves skin laxity by means of the new collagen formation.

To achieve the horizontal skin area reduction the specialists of the Sensavi Beauty Institute carry out the Fraxel procedure. This procedure helps the specialists to achieve pinch-in effect. This is the result of the laser ray action. It removes the fragments of the old, stretches skin, while the new, well-structured skin is formed in its place. The procedure is carried out with the Fraxel SR1500 new machine that does not require dye application unlike the previous devices did. This is the only laser fractional technology where the laser glides softly across the skin surface, contrary to the other technologies where it is conducted in bursts. The laser affects the skin evenly and does not leave the edges of the exposure area visible. The laser ray depth of penetration is maximal, which provides the complete renovation of the dermis. In addition to the horizontal tightening, the complete reformation of the skin structure takes place: the scars, cicatrices, deep pigmentation & pitted acne scars get invisible and disappear.

To accomplish skin surface renovation the third procedure – photorejuvenation with to date the safest IPL Lumenis ONE system – is carried out. Another type of laser is applied. It affects only skin chromophores (2 pigments of skin), removing melanin surpluses and enlarged vessels.

As a result of all the procedures the specialists of the Sensavi Beauty Institute achieve the skin transformation in all directions and ageing processes moderation, providing the well-known 3D-rejuvenation program effect of the Sensavi Beauty Institute.
Regular practice, system approach, innovative technologies and unique equipment guarantee your dream realization.

Deep lift

Thermage is a procedure that is applied exclusively on the ThermaCool NXT machine, the only deep skin lifting system to receive FDA (the U.S. Food & Drug Administration) clearance. Its effectiveness is proved by histological researches. To date this is the only device that allows using radio frequency thermal energy to affect the deeper layers of dermis, which are the basis for the skin matrix. Just one procedure results in collagen fibers compression and new collagen formation, which makes the skin fit tighter to the muscles. Progressive lifting effect within 6 months after the procedure.

New – unique tips that are sensitive not only to the exposure area, but also to the skin and subcutaneous fat type & thickness. Protective screens are used during the eyelid rejuvenation procedure.

Indications: skin tonicity reduction, wrinkles, loose skin of the eyelids, cheeks, chin, abdomen, thighs and arms inner surfaces.

Skin structure renovation

Fraxel SR1500 brings a new era to the nonsurgical facial & body skin rejuvenation. During the fractional thermolysis procedure, an ultrafine laser ray creates an array of the invisible to the eye microscopic zones of the old skin removal. Organism starts immediately producing new collagen & elastin cells. As a result, the new skin is formed in the exposure area. Within four procedures, the skin is completely renovated. The procedure does not require a recovery period!

Indications: age-related skin changes, scars, pigment spots, pitted acne scars, enlarges cutaneous pores, toneless face color, marks after plastic surgery, stretch marks.

Skin tone recovery

Lumenis is the best system to control one of the main reasons for the age-related changes – photodegradation. A light wave traverses the dermis and affects the collagen fibers, which activates their synthesis and strengthening. The procedure helps to reduce vessel erosion and skin depigmentation, and provides superficial skin lifting effect. Indications: first signs of fading, pigment spots, vascular spiders, uneven skin tone. You can find the photos of the 3D-rejuvenation procedure at our website in the ‘3D-rejuvenation’ section of the photo archive.


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