3Lays Skin Lift is a unique layer-by-layer skin lift technique.

This is a unique program for skin rejuvenation and regeneration at three layers based on layer-by-layer lift with the use of specially selected best-in-class machines. Each of the machines provides a particular depth of energy penetration, depending on medical indications. Such layer-by-layer skin lift, including superficial, median and deep skin lift, allows achieving the complete skin rejuvenation. 3Lays Skin Lift is a strong alternative to surgical treatment.

Active cooperation of our Beauty Institute with the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine (A4M) allows us to use for our program the results of the Hollywood specialists seven years practice in RF-machine usage. The program was developed with the use of the results of clinical tests and histologic examinations carried out by the US Food and Drug Administration (USA FDA).


Photorejuvenation with the Lumenis IPL Quantum machine is a revolutionary system for prevention of photoaging, which is one of the main reasons of aging processes. Passing through the dermis, a light wave affects collagen fibers stimulating their synthesis and strengthening. After this procedure, superficial vascular disruptions are treated, pigmented lesions are resurfaced, and superficial skin lift is observed. After the procedure course, you get healthy, smooth and radiant skin without cosmetic defects.

Indications: first signs of aging, pigmented spots, vascularity spots.


Aluma is the worlds only for wrinkle correction and skin lift, based on combination of bipolar radio wave and vacuum. Radio wave spreads over the treatment area without going beyond it, and penetrates into the dermis, which creates rejuvenation effect. The procedure allows resurfacing and correction of age-related problems of face, neck, decollate, abdomen, inner surfaces of shoulders and thighs; removal of a double chin; liquidation of eye contour puffiness, under-eye circles and eye-sacks. The procedure is absolutely safe, painless it has no side effects and doesnt require a recovery period, providing instant tissue lift. After the course, the new collagen formation continues within a long time, lift effect increases and, as a result, you look significantly younger.

Indications: fading skin, small and medium lines. Age: 30+.


Thermage is a procedure carried out with the use of the ThermaCool machine, the only deep skin lifting system to receive FDA (the U.S. Food & Drug Administration) clearance. Its effectiveness is proved by histological and some other techniques for the objective assessment. Nowadays, only Thermage can penetrate to the required depth to affect the deeper layers of dermis and subcutaneous fat, which are the basis for the framework of skin. The influence of the high-frequency energy leads to the tightening of the collagen fibers and the formation of the new collagen in the deeper layers of skin.

Thermage revitalizes and rejuvenates the skin from the inside, tightens the loose skin and resurfaces wrinkles after just one procedure! The effect increases within 6 months. New: we use the latest model of the Thermage machine, which has a number of advantages. We also have the new unique Thermage tips for face and body, which allow us to take account not of only the treatment area, but also of the skin and subcutaneous fat type and thickness.

Indications: deep wrinkles and skin folds, facial and body skin overhang. Age: 40+.



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