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Over the last 10 years machine cosmetology has been competing more and more with plastic surgery. Millions of people want to look younger but only a few percent have recourse to plastic surgeons due to the risks connected with surgery. Machine treatment technologies are becoming all the more preferable to operative measures. The Ulthera technology was created for those beautyholics who are not ready for plastic surgery but want to considerably lift their skin. Ulthera System is the first treatment device to be cleared by the U.S. FDA in the skin tightening methods category. This is the only procedure that affects not the skin but the superficial muscular aponeurotic system (SMAS). Before the Ulthera introduction, only plastic surgeons could reach such a depth.


With age the collagen fibers are changed not only in the skin tissues, but in the superficial muscular aponeurotic system as well, which leads to its failure to serve as face shape supporting structure. Under the action of gravity collagen fibers get stretched and SMAS starts sagging. This results in such face changes as skin contours roughness, skin sagging under the chin, eyebrows droop. These are so called gravitational changes, and they cannot be connected without penetration under the skin layer.

The technology is based on the focused ultrasonic wave exposure of the SMAS. Under this intensive exposure to the focused ultrasound, spot heating of a SMAS area begins, which leads to its contraction, providing immediate lift of the face shape supporting structure as if after plastic surgery. The ultrasound exposure leads to the activation of the new collagen and elastin fibers synthesis that provides growing effect of the procedure within a few months. One of the most important features of the ultrasonic skin lift technology is that a generated wave passes through all overlying layers (skin & subcutaneous fat) making no harm to them and not dissipating that provides maximal effect at the required depth.

The patented DeepSEE visualization system is used in the Ulthera system. It allows the specialist to see on the screen the deeper layers of skin and the SMAS, and to maintain an appropriate exposure depth. The supersonic skin scanning allows as well specifying the skin thickness, it shows the presence of nonabsorbable implants and points out other special characteristics of the patients' skin.


Ultrasonic energy is thoroughly studied and is widely applied in all the areas of medicine. People are not afraid of ultrasound as it is widespread and has few side effects. Procedure safety is proved by clinical researches. The ultrasonic SMAS lift technology received the U.S. FDA clearance in the category of skin lift methods that characterizes this procedure as effective and safe.


Ulthera is unique. This is the only procedure to affect a depth of 4.5 mm and to exposure the superficial muscular aponeurotic system. The Ulthera ultrasonic SMAS lift system conjoins smoothly with other hardware treatment technologies as it has its own points of application. For instance, Ulthera is suitable for those patients who Thermage is not indicated to due to the skin anatomy (delicate skin).


Surgical intervention is always accompanied by certain risks, such as long and painful recovery period, probable appearance changes, stress & nerve strain, risks following general anesthesia. Human factor cannot be ignored either, as cost of mistake is too high. The Ulthera nonsurgical SMAS lift is the optimal solution for the patients who desire to look younger but are not ready for plastic surgery, and for those who have tried out many cosmetological solutions but long for a more impressive result.


  • Age-related changes caused by ptosis
  • Loss of facial contour
  • Sagging soft tissues under chin and in the neck
  • The cheek and lip droop
  • Drooping eyelids and eyebrows


  • Pregnancy and lactation period
  • Diabetes mellitus
  • System diseases of the connective tissues (scleroderma, systemic lupus erythematous etc.)
  • Common infectious diseases, skin diseases and lesions in the area potential for the procedure
  • Having metallic implants in the face and neck area (dental implants, dental crowns, gold fibers are not contraindicated).


Before the procedure, the specialist-dermatocosmetologist removes all the make-up. The area to be treated is marked with a special liner.

ЗThen the special gel is applied on the skin to provide the ultrasonic tip sliding. The specialist dabs the marked areas with the tip. The procedure is performed at least at two levels of ultrasonic exposure with the use of two different ultrasonic sensors. During the procedure at the necessary layer of soft tissues appear parallel lines consisting of the thermocoagulation spots, at that all the spots are all of the same size. Therefore, a network of the thermocoagulation spots is formed.

The total duration of Ultherapy for face is 40 to 50 minutes. In accordance with the Ulthera procedure protocol, just one half of the face is treated first, after that the specialist gives the patient a mirror and the latter sees the result of the powerful lift on the exposed half of the face (the patient in the photo above has the left side of the face treated).

The Ulthera ultrasonic SMAS lift procedure is singlefold, reperformance is allowed not earlier than in a year.

During the procedure the patient senses intensive warmth and tingling. Just after the Ulthera procedure the patient feels their skin tightened. Within 2 to 3 days after the procedure a slight intumescence and an insignificant edema may appear. Within 2 to 3 months, the treated soft tissues feel a bit painful, like after intensive physical activity. After that, the lifting effect will increase within 2 to 4 months.


  • Rejuvenating effect
  • Soft tissues lift after just one procedure
  • Facial contour repair
  • Visible cheek and lip corner lift
  • Upper eyelid and eyebrow lift



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