Plasmolifting / Autorejuvenation




Plasmolifting / Autorejuvenation is the first method of cellular rejuvenation to be officially registered worldwide, including Russia. It involves injecting into the skin a substance, which is made in front of your eyes of your own, specially prepared, blood plasma.
The procedure is very popular and has a wide range of application. Purified and enriched with growth factors plasma allows achieving strong lifting and rejuvenation effect as well as reduces wrinkles, repairs hair, resurfaces scars, stretch marks and pitted acne scars.


Cellular technologies have become a part of our daily life, our present and moreover, future are hardly thinkable without them. Plasmolifting / Autorejuvenation proves it in the best way. This cellular technology is based on a unique ability to restore the amount of young skin cells using a large number of active materials from your own blood plasma. Plasma (liquid component of blood) is a depositary of elements essential to the organism: vitamins, minerals, hormones, enzymes. In the course of the treatment agent preparation, plasma is additionally enriched with your own blood platelets. These blood cells not only conduce to blood coagulability, but also contain particular elements - so-called growth factors, which make this technology a cellular one. Growth factors have a unique ability to increase the amount of young active skin cells, to stimulate skin regeneration processes, to have impact on next to all rejuvenation mechanisms. This, in particular, shows in growth factors' ability to activate functions of fibroblasts - connective tissue cells that produce collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid.
Collagen and elastin fibers serve as the main structural elements of connective tissue; they are responsible for skin elasticity and stiffness. Hyaluronic acid connects water particles inside intercellular canals providing the sufficient level of skin humidity and active cellular turnover. With age, collagen and hyaluronic acid synthesis winds down, their number decreases and the skin starts ageing. After blood platelet-rich plasma injection, fibroblasts increase the production of active materials again. As a result, the skin gets elastic and radiant, wrinkles reduce, skin immunity balances back, sebaceous glands' functioning improves.
Blood platelet-rich plasma's ability to activate all the skin regeneration processes at the cellular level makes plasmolifting an unprecedented method of rejuvenation. There is no alternative to this procedure nowadays.


We use the best equipment recommended by the European society of plasmolifting. First, these are individual disposable kits containing expendable materials, which eliminate the risk of the infection penetration to the organism. Second, these are a high-speed centrifuge and highly purified preparations. They allow the blood to concentrate the maximum number of nutritional materials, especially growth factors conducive to the cellular turnover. Owing to perfectly purified and enriched plasma, our patients note the perfect result. Besides that, we prepare our patients for the procedure: in all cases we carry out a blood test, prescribe a special diet, which also has a positive impact on the result. Blood sampling is carried out by a qualified treatment nurse, that is why it is absolutely painless.


Advantages of Plasmolifting over other technologies are the absolute health safety, absence of allergic reaction risk, the complete biological compatibility of the injected preparation with the patient's organism (absence of individual rejection reaction risk).

  • Age-related changes of skin – wrinkles, skin tonicity and elasticity reduction
  • Signs of skin photodamage
  • Xerodermia
  • Small lines
  • Couperosis
  • Skin contour changes
  • Acne
  • Cicatrices and stretch marks
  • Hair loss, hair structure changes
  • Necessity for recovery after operations, skin injuries, aggressive laser and chemical exposures

  • Acute infectious diseases
  • Systemic diseases
  • Blood disorders
  • Allergic reactions to coagulants
  • Immune system suppression
  • Blood-clotting disorder
  • Pregnancy & breastfeeding
  • At the discretion of the specialist, plasmolifting session may be contraindications for other reasons


Before the procedure of plasmolifting, the specialist carries out a consultation and laboratory tests, such as complete blood count, biochemical blood assay, infectious disease blood test.

During the plasmolifting procedure, a qualified treatment nurse draws a 20 to 40 ml dark blood sample with the use of special tubes containing anticoagulant. These tubes are placed into a special centrifuge where the collected blood is treated within 8 to 10 minutes. The resulting preparation, which is essentially blood plasma enriched with blood platelets at a concentration of 1 to 1,2 mln cells per 1 ml of plasma, is injected into the skin with the use of various particular techniques such as mesotherapy, bioreinforcement at different layers of dermis. Plasma preparation can also be applied to the wound surface just after the fractional laser treatment or other traumatic methods. To prevent ageing processes, retreatments are recommended with 3-to-4-month pauses depending on injection method and indications to the procedure.

  • Skin ageing signs reduction
  • Wrinkle reduction and resurfacing
  • Skin tonicity and tightness recovery
  • Skin immunity improvement
  • Head skin improvement and hair repair
  • Hyperpigmentation treatment
  • Cicatrice resurfacing
  • Acne resurfacing


To prevent or correct age-related changes, it is recommended to patients to undergo a plasmolifting treatment course 3 to 4 times per year. In each particular case, a treatment regimen is made individually. We recommend combining Plasmolifting with other technologies requiring stimulation of new cell formation, such as Ulthera Ultrasonic SMAS lift, Thermage, ReAction, Aluma RF-lifting technologies, Fraxel fractional photothermolysis. Intensive Plasmolifting course is also recommended in case of mechanical or chemical skin injuries.


It is recommended to undergo the plasmolifting procedure in the morning hours on empty stomach. Before the procedure, the patient is to inform the specialist about administration of any pharmaceuticals.


Avoid bath house, sauna, solarium within 3 days after the procedure.


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