"Absolute happiness" hair care program
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NEW! "Absolute happiness" hair care program by AU Infinity Aurum Salon Care Lebel is the innovative system for hair repair and moisturization at the molecular level. It provides the complex hair and skin care. After the procedure, hair looks beautiful, shiny and smooth. The program conduces to the fast growth of healthy hair.

"Absolute happiness" hair care program consists of three steps:

Step 1: Gentle cleansing of hair and scalp with the shampoos that are selected specially for your hair type. After that, our specialists apply cleansing mousse and cellular moisturizing mousse that normalizes the pH balance of the skin and helps to retain molecular moisture within the hair structure.

Step 2: Special serums that contain natural ingredients (ceramides, lipids, amino acids, hyaluronic and lactic acids, glycerol, gluten, silk proteins and castor oil) are applied for the repair of the hair inner structure.

Step 3: Reinforcement of hair structure, hair is strong and shiny.

What results can be expected? Hair structure is repaired and reinforced at the cellular level, hair is strong and glossy. After the procedure, we recommend applying cream concentrates for the hair moisturization and reinforcement.

NEW! "Force & Gloss" is a crash program for the fast and efficient normalization of the molecular moisture balance within hair and skin. The procedure duration is just 20 minutes. First results are visible after the first procedure session. ‘Force & Gloss’ can be successfully combined with hair coloring; the two procedures can be carried out on the same day.


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