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Make-up is the art of transformation of face, brows, eyes and lips. Make-up will help you accentuate your individuality or change your style. Our professional make-up artists are stylish themselves, they always listen to their clients, they are polite and welcoming, they feel even the slightest nuances of their clients’ mood, they read fashion magazines and go to fashion shows to keep up with the latest fashion trends, they always perfect their skills. Professional make-up artist can accentuate good points and disguise shortcomings in such a way that the client will look perfect both in person and in photos.

When working, our make-up artists always take into account:
the individual characteristics of face
facial proportions
individual color palette
fashion trends in make-up industry
type of the event the client desires to take part in

We are glad to offer:
everyday make-up
evening make-up
wedding make-up
make-up for all kinds of events

Beautiful face is, first of all, healthy and cared-for skin. The skin should be prepared for the professional make-up procedure in advance: the day before the procedure, professional cleansing should be carried out; we also recommend carrying out the Jet Peel procedure followed by the application of a mask for your skin type. The final stage is the applications of moisturizing cream. These preparative procedures will help you get perfect make-up. We use only professional cosmetics. Make-up agents are super lasting and hypoallergic. Key characteristics of our cosmetics – natural and safe ingredients, light texture, resistance to environmental exposure. Our solutions do not clog pores and let your skin breathe. Make-up lasts long and does not cause undesired skin reactions.



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