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Women have always decorated their hair in many ways: had their hair waved, decorated it with natural flowers or plaited it using various techniques. Plaiting is very popular nowadays as it helps to complete the look or break the uniformity of everyday style. Braids of various styles and techniques is the ideal solution to the problem of choosing a hairstyle for every day or choosing a hairstyle for long hair. Braided hair always looks very stylish. Nowadays there exist a great number of ways to create a unique braided hairstyle. Various plaits will match a formal dress or an evening dress, will make you look serious or mysterious. In all weather, plaited hair perfectly hold its style. It is not messed up by the wind; even when it is wet, it looks perfect. Moreover, braided hair matches perfectly the clothes of various styles.

Plaiting is getting more and more popular every day. New ways of braiding appear. Due to this, women, whatever hair type they have, can find the style that is best for them. One of the most elegant and beautiful are French braids. They will highlight your elegance and romance. Plaits can be a part of any hairstyle. Such a hairstyle can easily be transformed into a wedding one – just tie flowers in the hair or decorate it with special accessories.

Such plait styles as ‘fishtail’, ‘fishbone braid’, ‘waterfall’ or others are popular as well. Some plaits can easily be made at home while other techniques require the professionalism of our specialists as each hairstyle is unique and, thus, requires the touch of an experienced master. Our professional stylist will help you create a unique beautiful, stylish and bold hairstyle with plaits. Beautifully plaited hair will make you look special and stunning. Hair is tied, it looks beautiful, yet it is not overtied and not covered with hair spray. Plaits are purity and charm.



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