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All of us always try to look beautiful, to follow the fashion, which has effect on the hairdressing. Changes in hair trends are caused by changes in hair color trends. And one of the main hair color trends is achieving natural colors and nuances. The reasons for hair coloring can be different: desire to cover gray hair or desire to renew your look – but in all cases, it is necessary to try to achieve natural colors. Those who have fair hair should select warm colors – aureate, ash blonde etc. Hairstyle and hair color that are selected specially for your face contour and complexion will accentuate your individuality. When changing hairstyle, you can also change hair color or highlight a few strands. It is important to remember light strands at the front make your facial traits look a bit bigger and vice versa. Only our experts know techniques and nuances that will help you achieve the desired effect. Every person has their own palette of hair colors, that is why the choice of the dye color depends on their complexion, eye color and natural hair color. When our specialists choose a hair color for you, they always take into consideration the length and structure of your hair. When choosing the right hair dye color, our color experts base their choice on one of the four types of appearance, which are named after the four seasons.

Spring type:
Colors: light, medium or dark blonde. Shades: aureate, brassy, strawberry blonde.

Summer type:
Colors: light, medium or dark blonde. Shades: ash blonde, pearly.

Autumn type:
Colors: medium or dark blonde, brown. Shades: strawberry blonde, aureate, brassy, red, orange red.

Winter type:
Colors: medium or dark blonde, dark brown. Shades: ash blonde, blueberry black.

For those who want to change their hair color but who are not sure they want to have a new hair color for a significant period of time, hair toning is the best solution to enhance the natural color. After the procedure, the hair looks not only beautiful, but also healthy and shiny. Hair toning allows experimenting with various shades before choosing the particular color. 

Toning is hair coloring with temporary colorants. Its key feature is that it almost does not affect the hair structure. Toning helps you easily change the style, follow the latest fashion trends and your mood!


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