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Fashion trends are, undoubtedly, an important factor when it comes to choosing a hairstyle, yet the key element for a beautiful look is healthy hair. Only if the hair is healthy, it will look perfect. Each woman is unique, has unique facial traits. All this should be taken into account when creating a hairstyle.

Curls are one of the main trends in 2014. They look perfect no matter the hair is short or long. Naturality is always in fashion – that is another principle of styling in 2014. Parting in the middle and smoothly coiffured hair – this is what you need for a modern look. There is no need for a cardinal change in the hair color. Slight hair toning can help you refresh your hairstyle by adding unique colors.

Stylists recommend unique and original hairstyles. Big curls with the wet hair effect will create charm. Punk hairstyle is ideal for bold women. Hippie hairstyles are in fashion as well. Women with long hair can easily tease their hair or get a new hairstyle with an asymmetrical fringe. However, for a new season, stylists do not recommend creating bangs. Hairstyles that leave the forehead open are considered to look more stylish and modern. For those who cannot do without a fringe, stylists recommend thick bangs starting from the top of the head. If you prefer blunt bangs, then you should combine them with curls.

Perming is one of the main trends in 2014 as well. For those dreaming of curls, it’s a dream come true. This hairstyle will never look dull. Our stylists can create big voluminous curls that are ideal both for a party and for the everyday life.



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