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Hair lamination is a unique Japanese technique developed by Lebel Cosmetics. It consists in the reparative hair coloring followed by hair wrapping in the protective cellulose color film. Therefore, the effect is not only protective, but also aesthetic.


Our specialists apply a special solution to your hair. The solution contains plant extracts and a unique biologically active complex. Hair is treated with the solution within 25 to 35 minutes. After that, hair looks perfect. Each hair is wrapped in shiny film, due to which it gets thicker and looks healthy and brilliant. The procedure is efficient when carried out both independently or in combination with preparatory coloring or hair treatment. Lamination after hair coloring allows extending considerably the hair color. Hair is vibrant for a long time, as this is the film that is removed first and only after that – color. When hair is laminated after hair treatment, active agents are sealed within the hair and, thus, the action of the mask is prolonged.

The effect of the lamination lasts 3 to 6 weeks. The film fades gradually, so the retreatment is possible before the end of the action of the previous procedure.


  • Hair looks perfect after the first procedure
  • Only natural components
  • Vibrant color is preserved after hair coloring
  • Hair is up to 15% more voluminous, efficient for women with thinning hair
  • Hair protection against harmful environment (blow dryer, sun, rain etc.)
  • Supple hair that is easy to style even without styling solutions

Hair bio-lamination with color or transparent film is the latest solution developed by Lebel Cosmetics. The film retains color within each hair and prevents the color from fading after hair coloring. It is no secret that most color agents (especially soft ones) do not last long; after just a few hair washes, your favorite color fades, gets less vibrant.
After the bio-lamination procedure, your color is intense until the bio-film is completely removed.

Bio-laminate can be either transparent or in 20 colors, which allows our specialists and you to give way to creativity and achieve great results in VIP-toning.



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