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All types of hair setting for the hair of any length and type – that is what we are ready to offer you for your celebration or just for your everyday life! We will make you look perfect and unique!

Short hair
Styling of short hair is always in fashion. Beautiful style, hairdresser’s creativity and you look perfect! You can get wavy hair, hair that look a bit floppy due to wax, you can have your hair tousled in a random way or smoothened perfectly with a flat iron. You will get a new look in a moment.

Medium length hair
Medium length hair is easy to look after and to style. Application of mousses and masks allows achieving sustainable volume. Curls of various size will make look ‘romantic, while perfectly straight and smooth hair will bring a bit of classicality and chastity to your style.

Long hair
Long hair provides great opportunity for the hairstylists creativity. Such hair makes you look very feminine. Women having long hair are proud of it as long hair is considered womans best beauty detail. Setting of long hair will create quite a new look. Looking this way, you can go wherever you want to a business meeting, to work or to a party.


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