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Our specialists can do more than 10 types of perming ranging from a permanent wave to perms based on brand new solutions with the high level of protection, which do not affect hair structure. The problem of oily or thin hair can now easily be solved. The components of solutions nourish, moisturize hair, and make it glossy, voluminous and silky. Curls of any type can be done, from ‘wave’ to bouncy ‘spiral’. The key advantage of our perming technique – hair looks natural again three months after the procedure without damage.

Japanese perming technique Evolution Goldwell
Gentle and neutral perming. Patented system guarantees getting uniform curls and achieving long-lasting results.

  • Delicate change of hair structure
  • Neutral PH
  • Lipid-rich moisturizing complex for hair restoration
  • Autoregulation technology for hair structure protection
  • Regenerative solution prevents the loss of nutritional elements even after the chemical perm. Your hair gets a conditioning treatment during the procedure. Only basic care is required after the perm
  • Elastic curls roots to ends

MOSSA bio waving
The Mossa patented hair waving technology does not affect hair and scalp, while hair keeps waved for as long as after the standard perming procedure. As the Mossa waving complex does not contain any aggressive chemical ingredients, this result can easily be achieved. It is important that no clear line is seen between waved hair and the newly grown hair near the roots. This is achieved due to the very gentle treatment of hair with the bio-waving complex that does not change hair color or structure. The perm comes off softly, and hair looks natural along the whole length.
Mossa bio waving is suitable for unruly natural hair, normal natural hair, sensitive hair or ultra sensitive hair.

Permanent styling
Trendline Texturizer – permanent styling in less than an hour! This is a Trendline solution for the lifting of hair roots to create the volume in short hair. This is a durable base for 6 to 8-week styling. There are two different solutions that can be applied to the hair of any type.

  • Long-lasting and durable base for styling that lasts for 6 to 8 weeks
  • Easier styling at home
  • Short hair is volumized due to lifted roots
  • Ideal correction of the natural direction of hair growth
  • No extra requirements: the effect is easy to remove, no traces are left



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