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BOTOX (botulinum toxin type A) is approved by FDA (the U.S. Food & Drug Administration) and NIBSC (The National Institute for Biological Standards and Control, a UK governmental agency whose quality standards are the worlds highest). Produced by the US Allergan, Inc. company. Botox is the most popular procedure for facial wrinkle correction and hyperhidrosis treatment, in Russia Botox is applied for more than 15 years.


• Horizontal and vertical forehead wrinkles
Wrinkles between the eyebrows (frowning furrows)
Folds of the nasal bridge
Crows feet around the eyes
Wrinkles above and below the lips
Hyperhidrosis of hands, armpits and feet


Blood-clotting disorder
Inflammatory or infectious processes in the area potential for the injection
Common diseases in the exacerbation phase
Administration of such drugs as antibiotics, anticoagulants, antiaggregants, relanium, baclofen
Wheezing illnesses
Pregnancy & breastfeeding
Age under 16
The procedure is unadvisable in the beginning of the menstrual cycle


Before the procedure, the specialist-dermatocosmetologist examines the patient's skin, collects detailed information about the health of the patient and undertaken cosmetic procedures, finds out if the patient has any chronic diseases or allergic reactions.
If there are indications to the procedure, then the specialist chooses a filler, which is designed for solution of particular problems.

Before the procedure, the skin is to be cleaned; make-up removal with the use of cosmetic units as well as chlorhexidine antiseptic solution treatment are carried out. By the patients request, the local anesthesia is applied. Then treatment injection lines are applied. Next step Botox injection procedure is carried out in the area of potential action. There exist a few methodics of Botox injection, and the specialist chooses an injection technique and dosage in accordance with the desired result. Toxin dosage (in units of Botox) is selected individually for every patient in dependence to depth, number and location of wrinkles. Cosmetic effect (wrinkle resurfacing) becomes visible within 5 to 7 days after the procedure and lasts 4 to 6 months. After that, the Botox procedure is required for prolongation of the positive effect. With every following procedure, the result lasts longer. Wrinkles are resurfaced, during the action of the medication, the patient gets rid of the habit to frown, and even after the complete action determination of Botox, wrinkles are less pronounced.


Hold back from taking a horizontal position within 4 hours after the procedure
Execute active mimic motions within an hour after the procedure
Avoid sunbathing within 3 days
Avoid taking antibiotics aminoglycosides (kanamycin, streptomycin etc.), PAM tranquillizers (phenazepam, tazepam etc.) within 2 weeks after the procedure (the action of these drugs blunts the effectiveness of Dysport/Botox)
Limit going to sauna, bath house or swimming pool within 7 days


Resurfacing of small lines
Significant moderation of deep folds
Facial contour sharpening and relief surfacing
Vibrant skin
Softer facial gesture


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