Removal of nevus
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Almost 100% of people have moles (nevi) on their skin. The presence of numerous chronic lesions usually causes no discomfort except for the aesthetic one. Moles are non-contagious.

Why remove them?
Moles (nevi) are affected atypical cells, which differ in morphology and function from normal cells. All nevi require special care due to the potential risk of malignant transformation to melanoma (skin cancer). Pigmented moles are brown or light brown in color. Nevi are basically composed of melanocytes (melanin-producing cells). Moles can be plain or raised, can differ in size and shape. Moles are usually benign growths causing no health problems. However, it is important to remember that a mole can transform to melanoma. Melanoma, as well as nevus, is composed of melanocytes, but its genetic apparatus is changed. Melanocytes in melanoma are pathologically active, they constantly divide and, as a result, displace normal cells. If these pathological melanocytes get into the blood system, than the bloodstream can deliver them into any part of the organism conducing to cancer in many body organs. That is why melanomas are extremely dangerous. At suspicion on the transformation of the mole, it is necessary to consult a specialist immediately. We recommend removing the growths, which can be partially damaged due to their position as well as those in open skin areas that are exposed to sunlight. The moles that have changed their structure or color, increased in size, started to crack or to bleed require immediate removal. What is the best way or removing a mole?

Nowadays, the most efficient and skin-sparing treatment for moles is the Surgitron radio-frequency system, which allows removing moles with no risk of scarring. This non-invasive treatment allows our specialists to remove only lesioned cells without injuring the surrounding tissues. High-frequency waves are only absorbed by intracellular fluid of growths that is why the risk of damaging the adjoining organs and tissues is minimal. In addition to minimal tissue damage and no risk of scarring, the advantages of Surgitron are as follows: regeneration process acceleration, sterilizing effect of radio waves and the possibility to send a sample for a histological test. It allows diagnosing benign, premalignant or malignant growths.


  • Growth damaging
  • Changes in the shape of a growth
  • Nevus removal is recommended if a mole troubles you, rubs against your clothes, if it is in the skin area that is easily damaged or that is exposed and sensitive


  • Inflammatory processes in the exacerbation phase
  • Infectious diseases
  • Diabetes mellitus
  • Epilepsy
  • Glaucoma
  • Malignant growths


For the removal of moles, we apply a modern and low-trauma technique – we use the Surgitron radio-surgical knife. The operations with the application of a radio-surgical knife are accurate and efficient. Before the procedure, local anesthetics are applied. Surgitron treatment procedure implies a non-invasive incision of soft tissues by means of 3.8-4 MHz radio-wave radiation. Radio-waves separate tissues due to vapor babbles so only the cells that the wave is directed to are broken, while the surrounding cells are not damaged. That is why during the operation the patient feels no pain and after the operation there is no scar. In the course of treatment, the radio-surgical knife carries out three actions at once: it cuts the skin, staunches the bleeding and sterilizes the treatment area. After the treatment, only a little hollow is observed, it is smoothed out within 2 weeks. After the treatment, the wound is treated with preservative. It is recommended to avoid moistening the treatment area 1-2 days after the procedure. The resulting crust drops off without additional treatment.


  • Continuous exposure to sunlight is undesirable. If it is impossible to avoid, sunscreens should be applied
  • In case of damaging the growths, be sure to consult the specialist


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