Correction of facial contour and shape
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This is a proprietary technology, which combines the injection of active lipolytic and skin strengthening solutions with particular techniques of the Spanish stimulating massage. Many years’ experience of our specialists allows selecting a set of procedures ideal for getting rid of local fat depots in the cheek area and the area of double chin without causing the sagging of skin.

Step 1. Active lipolysis

Lipolytic cocktail injection is carried out for the correction of surplus fat depots in the facial area. Our specialists apply the 4D solutions that result in the following effects:

  • Surplus liquid removal for tissue swelling and volume reduction
  • Effective microcirculation restoration
  • Lipolysis
  • Connective tissue remodeling and protection

Step 2. Lifting

The injection of a particular solution for muscle tone reactivation – DMAE. Natural source for DMAE is fish of the Salmon family. DMAE:

  • Regulates a number of cellular processes within the tissues of the organism
  • Provides effective functioning and renovation of fibroblasts
  • Reactivates the muscle tone, makes muscles function better
  • Improves elasticity and tone of collagen and elastin fibers

Step 3. Muscular framework formation

Spanish chiromassage. Spanish chiromassage is a particular technique that incorporates various techniques of classic and Oriental massage systems, chiropractic and kinesiology. Due to such a synthesis, chiromassage does not have a set scheme it is characterized by a variety of techniques, which allow having the best effect on almost all the systems and tissues without affecting the functioning of the organism.

Chiromassage has a number of foulage techniques (passive muscle training), which provides an opportunity to influence completely muscular, arthritic, vascular and nervous systems in strict accordance with anatomic orientation marks.

Results provided by chiromassage are fantastic facial contour is improved, skin is more elastic, facial muscle tone is reactivated, skin is enriched with oxygen, toxins are removed, regeneration processes are reactivated.

Application point is usually peripheral capillary network. All the manipulations improve lymphokinesis and venous blood return, which removes efficiently decay products, removes edemas of different origin, liquidates congestion in the muscles, and reactivates regeneration processes within the tissues. As a result, skin moisturization and cellular regeneration are improved, skin is enriched with oxygen. Such a result is reached due to slow, pulsing, undulatory movements that influence vessels and muscles. Hemolymphodrainage massage allows fighting against couperosis, skin swelling, age-related processes, muscular and tissue elasticity disturbance, while lift effect is obtained. Under the influence of chiromassage skin gets rid of dead horny cells, vessels are relaxed, sweat secretion is improved, sebaceous gland activity is normalized, tissues get more elastic and flexible.


  • Atonia prophylaxis for young and mature skin
  • Need for elasticity improvement of skin affected by aggressive external exposure
  • Facial contour changes due to local fat depots, soft tissue surpluses


  • Immune system and connective tissue disorders
  • Pregnancy & breastfeeding
  • Infectious diseases (HIV, hepatitis, tuberculosis)
  • Inflammatory processes in the area potential for the injection
  • Blood-clotting disorder
  • Mental disorders
  • Polyvalent allergy
  • Oncological diseases
  • Diabetes mellitus


Sharp facial contour without surplus fat depots, strengthened muscular framework, pronounced soft tissue lift.


  • Avoid going to sauna, solarium within 4 days
  • Avoid sport training within 3 days
  • Hold back from massaging injection sites
  • Hold back from applying solutions not approved by a specialist


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