Radiesse injections
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Radiesse is a latest-generation filler. With age, the facial contour becomes less sharp, subcutaneous fat reallocation starts, cheeks lose their volume, skin tone reduces. The Radiesse treatment can help volumize soft facial tissues where it is necessary, resurface wrinkles and improve the facial contour without operative treatment.
Radiesse is a volumizer designed for 3D facial modeling and skin rejuvenation without surgical intervention.


Radiesse does not attract water, that is why it is indicated for patients liable to swelling.
The treatment contains calcium hydroxyapatite. This is a natural mineral component of human bone tissues, which does not cause allergic reactions.
Skin reinforcement can be carried out for achievement of strong lift effect.
Calcium microspheres in the treatment trigger neocollagenesis – collagen synthesis acceleration, collagen and elastin fiber turnover. After the injection, the skin is more firm and elastic, small lines are resurfaced, deep nasolabial folds are moderated.


Before the procedure, the specialist-dermatocosmetologist examines the patient's skin, collects detailed information about the health of the patient and undertaken cosmetic procedures, and finds out if the patient has any chronic diseases or allergic reactions. The specialist also questions the patient about the expected results. If there are indications to the procedure, then the specialist chooses a filler of a particular firmness, which is the most suitable for the achievement of the desired result.

Before the procedure, the skin is to be cleaned; make-up removal with the use of cosmetic units, as well as chlorhexidine antiseptic solution treatment are carried out. By the patient’s request, the local anesthesia is applied. The chosen filler is injected in the correction area with the use of a disposable needle. The injection is followed by slight redness of the skin; small bruises and a light edema are possible.

The firmer the gel is, the deeper it is injected; a flexible cannula is applied for high-volume injections and facial contour modeling. In this case, before the procedure, the treatment area is analgized. Just one puncture is made in the ear area. A flexible cannula is a long blunt needle with a rounded hole, designed for the gel injection. Due to its shape, it penetrates easily deep into the tissue without damaging vessels. Risk of bruise formation is minimal. The formulation spreads uniformly in the area requiring additional volume. The procedure is painless.

The effect of hyaluronic acid-based filler injection lasts 18 to 24 months.


• Facial modeling: contour rejuvenation of cheeks, face
Wrinkle resurfacing in the area of nasolabial folds
Facial skin reinforcement


Limit going to sauna, bath house or swimming pool within 7 days
Avoid sunbathing and going to solarium within 10 days
Avoid facial massage within 2 months


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