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This is a cooperative international program of the Sensavi Beauty Institute and Allergan, Inc.

Magical transformation only requires your decision, our 3D modeling specialists’ skills and modern medications. We offer injection formulations of one of the best international manufacturers – the US Allergan, Inc. pharmaceutical company. The fact that we use the production of a single manufacturer allows us to avoid composition incompatibility of our medications. We offer “Your dreamface” program, in terms of which you can undertake injection procedures at special prices. Only the best moisturization, 3D modeling and wrinkle correction solutions are applied for this program.

1-st step on the way to the ideal skin wrinkle prophylaxis with the use of hyaluronic acid preparations. Biorevitalization with JUVÉDERM Hydrate formulation helps to restore skin hydration and achieve the ideal smoothness. Moisturization effect lasts three times as long as compared to other preparations.

2-nd step on the way to the ideal skin facial contour modeling. Depending on the facial area, skin thickness and desired result, our specialist chooses a light or a firm dermal filler and, combining different techniques, the specialist achieves excellent results. We offer hyaluronic acid-based gel formulations of the latest generation, such as JUVÉDERM or Surgiderm. They are more malleable; they spread evenly all over the treatment area and preserve the facial contour without forming indurations you do not feel them under your skin.

3-rd step on the way to the ideal skin biothread reinforcement. Biothreads provide strong lift and soft tissue fixation, help to improve the skin quality. In the area of cheeks and chin, firm gel formulation is injected under the skin according to the particular scheme outlined on the face along the tension vectors. This gel formulation, until its dissolution, serves as a strong biostimulant of collagen and elastin formation. The lifting effect is achieved not due to the insertion of biothreads but due to the response reaction of the organism as any foreign body is surrounded by a capsule of collagen fibers. These fibers form a natural framework for soft facial tissues. The most suitable preparation for the biorein

4-th step on the way to the ideal skin wrinkle resurfacing with the use of the Botox formulation. Nowadays this is the most studied preparation among botulinum toxins. Its effectiveness and safety are proved by a wide range of clinical researches. Botox application results are always predictable. Botoxs distinct advantage is the small diffusion, which provides a more accurate local result.



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