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Histology is the study of the anatomy of tissues. The human body consists of cells that are different in their structure and function. Histology studies either tissues in their normal state or tissue pathologies – changes caused by diseases or injuries. Pathological changes in cells or tissues can be diagnosed during a histologic examination. Histology provides a unique opportunity to determine the nature of a pathologic process (benign or malignant) at early stages of its development.

Histological samples are sent to the laboratory for histological studies. The procedure is carried out in a particular order. First, a tissue sample is plunged into the preservative solution, which allows compressing and fixing its structure. Then, the sample is filled with wax. As soon as it hardens, superfine layers of the sample are sliced and placed on an object glass. Next step wax removal and sample coloration with the special substance. After that, microscopic study is carried out. After the analysis of the tissue sample, it is possible to say whether the tissue is sound or there are inflammatory processes or the signs of tumor growth. Histology is directed to the qualification of the diagnosis or its validation as well as to the treatment selection.


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