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Stretch marks, or striae, are cicatrical skin changes due to microtraumas to its fibers. Stretch marks appear when collagen or elastin fibers are broken down and replaced by the connective tissue during the healing process. Stretch marks appear when the skin is not supple and firm enough. Striae appearance usually occurs due to considerable weight loss, depends on individual predilection to it and may be a consequence of endocrine changes of the organism as well as of the administration of particular drugs.

New stretch marks look like linear reddish or bluish cicatrices. Old stretch marks are flesh-colored, their width and depth can vary.


Stretch marks appearance changes the external skin relief and often leads to the tissue elasticity reduction, which results in need for cosmetic correction. One of the major treatment procedures is fractional photothermolysis with the use of the FRAXEL RESTORE system. The procedure is carried out under local anesthesia. The Fraxel laser affects the defect penetrating to its maximum depth. At the same time, the exposure is very soft, only microscopic areas of skin are heated. In these areas and in the surrounding tissues the new collagen synthesis is stimulated. The procedure is followed by a small edema and slight reddening, which disappear completely within 2 days. Within 28 days after the procedure, the active cell division is under way in the tissues, the tissue under the cicatrice grows thicker, the texture of the surrounding skin improves considerably, skin lift and color improvement are observed. Stretch marks get thinner and less deep, while the thinnest ones almost disappear. The Fraxel fractional thermolysis technology is absolutely safe. Laser energy is absorbed by the skin without affecting internal organs and tissues. 10 to 14 days after Fraxel, biorevitalization or plasmotherapy are carried out, which additionally moisturize the skin and enrich it with nutrients. LPG massage, RF lift and mesotherapy help to accelerate the recovery process as well. These procedures normalize blood circulation, metabolic processes as well as activate the regeneration of cells and fibers in the affected area. As a consequence, within a short time we achieve the perfect and long-lasting result in the treatment of stretch marks and cicatrices.


• Stretch marks


Inflammatory processes in the areas potential for the procedure
Malignant tumors in the areas potential for the procedure
Chemical peeling or corresponding procedures carried out less than 2 weeks before the procedure
Atopic dermatitis recrudescence


Skin treatment
Skin relief smoothing


Cicatrice and stretch mark treatment should be started as early as possible, while the structure of the affected skin is liable to the correction.

After the treatment course, sunbathing is not recommended for a while; SPF50+ sunscreen application is required.


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