"Body Beauty" program
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After undergoing the program, you will say goodbye to unwanted fat depots once and for all. All of our modern technologies are very gentle; they allow selective treatment, which means that only fat depots are exposed while surrounding tissues are not affected. Metabolic processes become more efficient, which simplifies weight control.

We are always aimed at long-lasting positive effect, which requires complex step-by-step approach.

At the first stage, when a new patient unhappy about their excess weight or about their body proportions comes to our Beauty Institute, we help them make an appointment:

  • If excess weight is less than 10 kg – appointment with our professional cosmetologist
  • If excess weight is superior to 10 kg appointment with our dietitian endocrinologist. In addition, blood screening test is indicated to check metabolic processes.

At the second stage, our specialists choose a special diet and a number of procedures that help you achieve the desired result:

1. Removal of local fat depots with ZELTIQ and Liposonix systems as well as with mesodissolution injections.

  • ZELTIQ (cryolipolysis with the unique technology preventing skin overcooling) has multiple applicators affecting soft fat tissues in any area of the body. Some applicators are vacuum-based while others, new ones, are attached to thighs with special belts. ZELTIQ easily removes fat depots in the abdominal area as well as back fat rolls.
  • Liposonix (ultrasonic liposuction) is provided with the unique new software, which allows gradual fat cell dissolution due to achieving the dissolution temperature by energy storage. No more shock exposure the procedure is less painful. Liposonix is perfect at removing compact fat in the areas of ‘beer belly’, neck, outer shoulder of thigh.
  • Mesodissolution is an inexpensive procedure efficient at removal of local fat depots. This year we apply new peptide cocktails that perfectly dissolve fat cells.
  • Out of the three procedures available, our specialists choose by palpation the most suitable one for each body area and for each type of fat depot.

2. Removal of decay products after lipolysis.

LPG Endermology and 6-atmosphere manual underwater massage are perfect at removing the dissolved fat, excess liquid and toxins out of organism as well as at stimulating metabolic processes.

3. Cellulite treatment.

Commonly, even slightly overweight people suffer from cellulite. LPG treatment course helps to get rid of cellulite in its early stages. In case you are in its later stages, this is ReAction that is perfect for you. This unique system unites three types of radio-frequency energy, which affect fat cells layer by layer, removing cellulite, lifting the skin and reinforcing tissues.

4. Muscular reinforcement.
Weight loss leads to muscle mass reduction that is why Fitness for the lazy is necessary. This complex is developed for muscular regeneration and reinforcement.

5. After 20+ kg weight loss,these are the procedures for skin tone improvement (Thermage) and for stretch mark removal (Fraxel) that are good for you. These procedures are also recommended for delivered women after lactation period termination.

The procedures included in this program are very popular, but, when undergone on a standalone basis, they do not provide such a spectacular result. That is why we have developed this efficient complex for you so that not only could you get the best result but you could also enjoy discounts of up to 20% on these procedures.



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