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Obesity has attained menacing proportions lately. While just a few years ago we used to declare that most of those suffering from excess weight & obesity lived in the USA, for the past 10-15 years these disorders have almost spread all over Europe. Unfortunately, according to researches, in Russia about 30% of population are liable to obesity. THINK OF THESE NUMBERS! It is almost one in three people in Russia. Obesity is not just an aesthetic problem. It is a disorder that hardly ‘leaves unattended’ any organ or system of the organism. Such traditional complications as diabetes, hypertensive disease, CAD and others get not only more and more frequent, but also more characteristic of young people. And it is not only McDonalds restaurants, hot dog and other fast food restaurants that are to blame. Our mode of life has changed: steady stress, sedentary lifestyle, ecology. Actually, truth be told, the attitude of doctors often leaves much to be desired. How often we hear their advice: close your mouth, eat less and exercise more. Meanwhile, obesity is a disease that requires serious system approach to the diagnostics of obesity or excess weight causes as well as to their treatment methods.

We offer you the appraised program for excess reduction and obesity treatment, which for the years has been well-proven in Canada and in Russia. The method is based on the following principles:

  • Disorder cause diagnostics;
  • Metabolic processes correction;
  • Drafting of a diet program;
  • Compensation therapy;
  • REGULAR specialist’s checks (once a week).

You will not experience such consequences of endless diets as bulimia, irritancy, fatigue and, what is the most important – we will teach you how to preserve your results for years. We know how to help you.



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