Consultation with a dietitian
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Nowadays the mass media are overfilled with articles on what and how much one should eat to lose weight. However, it is quite complicated sometimes to wade through a huge amount of contradictory information. That is a nutrition expert who has answers to all the questions about nutrition.

At first consultation, our dietitian interviews the patient to learn their eating habits, to determine the reasons for weight gain and, if it is necessary, to appoint additional health examination. In this case, specialists of allied categories are involved.

After that, our specialist draws up a program for weight correction, which is based on objective analysis of the body parameters (content of adipose and muscular tissue, water content in the body), general state of health, lab test values and eating habits.

During the treatment course, our specialist measures success of the chosen program, carries out body measurements, checks food records, when necessary changes the hardware-manual treatment program.

To maximize the effect of the course for a change of eating habits, it is advised to have consultations with a dietitian at least 10 times in 3 months.


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