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We offer a combined program for cellulite treatment, which results in the regeneration of the good microcirculation, skin smoothing, tonicity recovery and body contour improvement.

• 6-atmosphere manual underwater massage
• LPG vacuum massage
• VIP Line special physiotherapeutic equipment for cellulite control
• ReAction Thermo lift
• Thermage CPT
• Mesotherapy with the use of specially selected cocktails
• Anti-cellulite wrap



Hydro massage serves for the stimulation of fat splitting and for the skin tonification. This is a fast way to lose weight and to improve shape by means of fat depot and cellulite reduction. First, the patient gets into the warm bath and relaxes during a few minutes. Then the specialist starts manipulation with the use of a high-pressure directed water flow (the force of the accomplished stimulation and the result of the procedure directly depend on its intensity. All the problem areas of the body can be locally treated. In the skin, subcutaneous tissue, muscular and articular tissue metabolic processes are improved, fat depots are reduced, vascular walls are strengthened, waste and toxins are excreted. In our 6-athmosphere bath tub excess weight reduces faster than ever.

Course of treatment: 10 to 15 procedures, once/twice a week


The advantages of the LPG procedure are immediate effect, safety, painlessness, individual approach to each patient and long-lasting result. The technique is based on the intensive exposure of the skin and subcutaneous fat. Due to the lipolysis, body volume is reduced, and local fat depots in the problem areas dissolve. Effective stimulation of connective tissues leads to the reduction of fat cell volume, the regeneration of circulation and metabolic processes, recovery of skin elasticity. The technique is effective for the fast treatment of cellulite of any origin and any stage of development.

Course of treatment: 10 to 15 procedures, twice a week


The result is balanced and long-lasting due to a complicated technology based on the electromyostimulation technique. VipLine Tranzion, by means of a series of individually selected procedures, affects excessive depots of fat tissue reducing them after just 25 minutes of intensive exposure connected with muscle stimulation. In the course of cellulite reduction, the organism produces elastin and collagen, which rejuvenate the skin, make it young and firm.

Course of treatment: 10 to 15 procedures, twice a week


ReAction bipolar thermo lift is a technology for vacuum suction-based radiofrequency treatment. The ReAction system includes three main depths of radio wave penetration, which provides manageable exposure in the different layers of skin. The technology is based on the manageable heating of the dermis and subcutaneous tissue up to a certain temperature, which accelerates considerably the lipolysis processes and also results in the functional restoration of the skin, tissue trophism improvement, local blood circulation improvement and accelerated three-dimensional collagen production, which is characteristic of the young skin.

Course of treatment: 7 to 10 procedures following with 5 to 7-day pauses


This is an all-powerful measure against cellulite, stretch marks and loose skin. The new Thermage CPT Body system has not only lifting but also anticellulite effect. Radio-frequency energy dissolves fat cells, which makes the skin smooth and firm; the organism produces the new collagen while old collagen fibers compact and twist, which additionally provides rejuvenating effect. As a following prolonged effect, fibroblast activity is stimulated followed by the synthesis of new collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid, leading to the improvement of the histologically demonstrated firmness of skin, which improves considerably its appearance, recovers its firmness and removes the ‘orange-peel’ effect.

Course of treatment: Just one procedure for each area


During the cellulite treatment, special injections are carried out. Their action is aimed at the dissolution of fat depots, reduction of the excessive subcutaneous water, the improvement of firmness and plasticity of the skin, stimulation of blood circulation, activation of metabolism at the cellular level. Active cocktails, which include water as well as vitamins, various nutrients, vegetable components and fat-burning supplements, are capable of treating the loose and flappy skin. A cocktail absorbed through the skin has impact on lipometabolism: cellulite capsules get smaller and then dissolve, the skin tightens.

Course of treatment: 5 to 10 procedures, once a week


The advantage of wraps is the stimulation and activation of active substances – special preparations – by means of the creation of a particular climate for more efficient influence on the problem areas during the procedure. Seaweed-based anti-cellulite wraps optimize the level of minerals and micronutrients, restore the natural balance, strengthen the protective functions of the skin, have a systemic rejuvenating effect, normalize the skin tightness and regeneration process, improves general well-being, provides energy surge. The procedure helps to excrete wastes and toxins, rejuvenates the skin. Blood is saturated with nutrients, metabolism is accelerated, and general state is improved. Wraps is one of the most effective measures against cellulite and excess weight.

Course of treatment: 7 to 10 procedures, twice a week


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