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Body wrap is a procedure complex for slimming, body contour correction and modeling with the use of treatment and cosmetic agents. During a body wrap procedure, the creation of sauna effect and moderate compression reinforces the effect of active ingredients on the problem areas.


Body wraps are carried out with the use of professional cosmetic agents, which contain bioactive components. Body wrap is selected individually depending on a problem type and the presence of contraindications, and can be cold, hot or neutral. Whatever the type of a body wrap, after the application of cosmetic agents, the problem body areas are covered with stretch wrap to provide the maximum effect.
Hot wrap stimulates blood circulation in the problem areas and saturates the skin with macro- and microelements.
Cold wrap provides the effect of quick, high and continuous cooling, which, due to the blood and lymph outflow, removes stagnant toxins and wastes out of the subcutaneous fat layer. Neutral wrap is a wrap during which the application of special agents under a stretch wrap is followed by the vaporization process pores open up, which allows active components to penetrate into the subcutaneous fat layer.


The body wrap advantages are stimulation and activation of the work of special agents active elements by means of the creation of a particular climate for more efficient influence on the problem areas during the procedure.


• Cellulite
Local fat depots
Need for body fat volume reduction
Need for body contour modeling
Stretch marks
Swelling, heavy legs
Need for skin lift
Need for metabolism improvement
Need for toxin and waste excretion
Need for blood and lymph outflow acceleration


Cardiovascular diseases
Gynecological disorders
Skin problems
Varicosity (only cold wraps are indicated)


Before the procedure, our specialist collects detailed information about the patients health and makes a decision on the suitable type of the procedure. Next step the procedure itself. First, the patient is advised to undergo a skin cleansing procedure skin peel or gommage scrub; during this procedure, skin pores open up, keratinized epithelium gets subdued, fluid circulation improves and, as a consequence, an upcoming body wrap becomes more efficient as deeper penetration of active components into the skin layers is provided. In addition, before the procedure, our specialist suggests a warm up infrared massage. After that, our specialist applies a cosmetic agent to the problem areas (the agent has either gel or cream structure). As a next step, the treated areas are wrapped in a particular draping to maintain the required temperature and to reinforce the action of active components. Body wrap procedure duration is 20 to 60 minutes depending on a wrap type. After the procedure, the wrap is removed, leftover active agent is washed off with warm water and the skin is wiped with a harsh towel. To consolidate the results, our specialist can suggest a massage for the problem areas with the application of anticellulite cream for microcirculation improvement and skin moisturization. A standard body wrap procedure course consists of 6 to 15 procedures, which a carried out within 30 to 45 days.


Reduction of adipose tissue
Reduction in body size by 3 to 5 cm
Abolition of cellulite at its initial stage
Lift effect
Skin firmness and elasticity
Skin purification
Vascular tone improvement, blood circulation improvement
Lymphatic drainage improvement
Toxin and waste excretion from the cellulite tissue
Swelling removal
Normalization of metabolism
Stress release


Make sure you have no contraindications to the procedure!


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