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Nowadays, osteopathy is regarded as the most popular treatment method. Osteopathic physicians fingers, similarly to X-ray, respond to even the minutest changes in the patients organism. With soft touches, which are even sometimes insensible, our specialist exposes focuses of muscular tension, restores the mobility of joints and tissues. In many cases, the diseases treated within years recede into the past after a few osteopathic sessions due to our specialists actions. The number of procedures is determined by a specialist during an initial consultation. The rhythm of work with a patient is selected individually.

Locomotor system correction improves not only the function of brain and spinal cord but also the work of internal organs. According to the normal theory of ageing, autonomic nervous system, which is a system that regulates metabolic processes of the organism, depends heavily on the spinal cord function. So in case this regulation is affected by degenerative spine disease, then metabolic processes of tissue regeneration will be affected as well.

Osteopathy is highly efficient not only for the treatment of degenerative disc disease, headache, intercostal neuralgia, radiculitis, herniated nucleus pulposus, joint pain but also for the correction of the disorders of internal organs. Our specialist, due to the gentle stretching and stimulation of your spine, relieves the strain in the internal organs, normalizes their position and the function of all systems. The consequences of operations, enterospasms, sensation of disturbance of internal organs, kidney or hepatic strain, gallbladder dysfunction, pelvic organ dysfunction and lung diseases that is not an all-inclusive list of the diseases that can be treated with visceral manipulation or anterior abdominal wall massage. Such treatment improves the blood circulation and microcirculation, normalizes metabolic processes, improves endocrine profile and skin texture and lifts your mood.

To treat our patients, in our institute we apply the most efficient type of osteopathy Ortho-Bionomy (treatment in accordance with laws of nature). Highly sensitive hands of our specialists help the patients organism to reestablish itself in accordance with the required scheme of restoration, which leads to the pain relief. Such kind of treatment requires minimal physical effort that is why you feel no pain during the procedures.

The treatment sessions are carried out in the favorable psychoemotional environment as our specialists are excellent psychologists and they build up proper relationships with their patients. Such a psychotherapeutic environment helps our patients to throw off their diseases faster and easier.


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