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Chiromassage is a particular massage technique. It is based on various methods of classic and Oriental massage systems, and also includes some elements of chiropractic and kinesiology. This is a blend of energetic massage, relaxation massage and manual therapy. Chiromassage has no definite classic pattern it consists of different movements, which have quite effective influence on a number of tissues and systems as well as on the functioning of the organism. This type of massage is based on consistent and continuous arm movements, which are smooth and slow and which bring no pain. One of the most important chiromassage techniques is myotensive massage. It removes blocks following traumas, unfavorable static stress and nervous depression. Neurosedative technique is applied to relieve emotional and psychic tension. It helps to get rid of chronic fatigue, sleep disorder, petulance symptoms. Chiromassage can improve the organisms resistance to stress. In addition, it stimulates brains pleasure centers triggering an endorphin rush. Chiromassage provides not only mechanic but also energetic effect.

This leader among all the massage techniques serves for non-surgical body contour modeling. It has stable effect in the reduction of local fat depots. This is the best type of massage for a recovery period after a surgical liposuction as it provides pronounced lift effect the skin becomes tightened and lifted right in front of your eyes. French massage is based on the usage of various pinching techniques. Due to this, every inch of your body is treated. The massage causes no pain and does not injure vessels while treating blood system, lymphatic system and subcutaneous fat tissue. French massage allows removing fat from the abdominal area, inner thigh area, which is impossible for the other massage techniques. This type of massage helps to maintain the perfect figure during a diet or after a short-period weight loss, which allows achieving ultimate aesthetic result.

Massage restores the circulation of the vital energy of body and soul, helps to feel completely relaxed both emotionally and physically. The exclusive massage technique guarantees relaxing effect. SPA-massage is indispensable when you suffer prolonged muscular or nervous tension, exhaustion, insomnia or chronic fatigue syndrome. Particular massage movements, which stimulate and relax the tissues and organs of the organism, help to regain strength, trigger a burst of energy, you feel ease and flexibility throughout the body. It is a wonderful procedure, which in a unique way restores body efficiency, cures fatigue and exhaustion, guarantees a great mood.
Sedentary lifestyle, bad ecology, unhealthy diet and constant stress lead to the deceleration of the lymph flow. This massage is recommended for the people with a compromised immune system, fluid excretion problems or metabolism disorders, in other words, it is recommended for those liable to water retention and swelling. Drainage massage has favorable influence on the body state. During the hemolymph massage procedure, blood and lymph flows are accelerated, tissues are efficiently disposed of wastes, which leads to the removal of puffiness; stored fat is split, that is why tissues and organs faster release decay products, harmful toxins and, thus, get more oxygen and nutrients. Moreover, due to this massage, inflammatory processes are faster cured and even old swelling is removed.


• Swelling
Need for body contour modeling
Excess weight
Skin laxity and elasticity loss


Skin wounds and burns
Degenerative spine disease aggravation
Oncological diseases
Varicosity, thrombophlebitis, ischemic ulcers etc.


Vibrant treatment and cosmetic effect
Skin firmness and elasticity improvement
Toxin excretion
Tissue lymphatic drainage improvement
Muscular fatigue removal
Oxygen enrichment of the skin, skin regeneration function restoration
Extra kilograms are melt away
Cellulite removal
Body contour correction


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