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ZELTIQ is a unique system for non-surgical lipolysis. A dream of getting a perfect body and losing extra weight without physical exercise, diets and surgery has now come true. The ZELTIQ cryolipolysis technique is recognized as the most effective non-invasive method for fat depot reduction in the problem areas.

The CoolSculpting technology is a genuine breakthrough in domain of the non-invasive removal of the excessive fat depots. The technology is covered by US and international patents, approved by FDA (USA). Undesired fat depots are removed by means of the controlled cooling of subcutaneous fat. This exposure is safe and painless. Fat cells are extremely susceptible to cold, so the local ‘freeze’ causes the physiological death of these cells. Consequently, cold triggers a natural process: fat cells in the exposed area are disrupted and excreted from the body within 2 to 3 months, that is why liver and other inner organs are not affected. The result is not only fat tissue volume reduction but also fat cell contraction by 25% in the exposed area after a single procedure.


• The procedure does not require skin lesion, causes no complications
The procedure has local influence, does not affect inner organs
The procedure does not require any preparations
The procedure does not require recovery period
The procedure is painless, anesthesia is not required


Fat depots in various areas:
Abdomen, waist
Upper body: shoulder blades, shoulders, arms and back
Inner thigh
Outer thigh (breeches)


Benign tumors or oncological diseases
Skin disorders in the areas potential for the procedure
Blood-clotting disorder
Open wounds, hernias or cicatrices in the areas potential for the procedure
Paroxysmal cold hemoglobinuria
Cold urticaria
Peripheral circulation disorders
Raynaud disease


During a consultation before the procedure, our specialist determines problem areas requiring the correction. Then a suitable applicator is chosen. Applicators vary in shape, tip size and are designed for the correction of different fat folds.

Applied in all the areas where a fat fold can be formed: abdomen, waist and back.

Applied for local fat depot removal in the abdominal and hip areas. Allows treating a considerable area for just one cycle.

Allows polishing the least accessible areas of the body. Helps to reduce fat in the inner thigh and inner shoulder, in abdomen and knees.

Allows treating the body parts where it is difficult to capture a fold (thigh surface); it is now also possible to treat the areas where it is difficult to capture a fold due to the thickness of fat (fibrous fat).

In the treatment area, a napkin saturated with the special gel is placed. It prevents the skin from overcooling. Only individual, single use materials are applied during the procedure! An applicator with a polyethylene liner is then put onto the skin. If the applicator is vacuum-based, then it draws in the problem area skin forming a fold, which is cooled through. Feeling of cold within 2 to 3 minutes after the procedure is started is followed by the sense of absolute comfort. During the procedure, the patient can just lie or sit on the sofa and read or even combine the procedure with facial care or manicure. The new CoolSmooth applicator does not use vacuum so it does not require an expressed fold for application. The applicator is fixed to the treatment area by means of the reliable attachment system. After the procedure, the applicator is removed, and the treatment area is intensively rubbed down within 5 to 7 minutes. Treatment of one area takes 60 to 120 minutes; the procedure is sometimes followed by a slight reddening or numbing caused by exposure to cold. However, these sensations are very short; they have no impact on the everyday life. Disruption and excretion of fat cells takes 2 to 3 months, after that a retreatment procedure can be undergone.


After a course of 1 to 3 procedures in one area following at 2-month intervals, fat depots are reduced. The effect gets better expressed within 3 months after the procedure.


The procedure does not require any preparations or special recommendations.


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