The Sensavi Beauty Institute presents the branch of anti-aging medicine. 

This is a complex of therapeutic methods of rejuvenation that are essential in the functioning of the Institute. All the methods that we offer are aimed to setting into motion all the internal resources of the organism and to their directing to the rejuvenation process. Real rejuvenation results not only in visible effect, but also in significant improvements in the functioning of the organism. And one more important and unique feature of the Sensavi Beauty Institute: all the methods allow a patient to stay active in life and at work and to undergo a course of assessment and rejuvenation without taking a forced leave. 

Our Institute in cooperation with the U.S. Solta Medical ltd. company and Israeli Lumenis company is the first company on the Russian market to offer the three-stage '3D' strategy for skin rejuvenation. It consists of the skin surface photo rejuvenation, its texture laser remodeling and thermo lift. However strange it may sound, this program allows turning back time for 10 years. 

Among the specialists of our Institute there are members of the Russian Society of Aesthetic Medicine Specialists (SAMS) as well as members of the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine (A4M). Some of our specialists carry out scientific-practical researches, have their projects and hold patents in the field of rejuvenation medicine.


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